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IDMTs revolutionize sick call


It’s happened to all of us. We’re feeling fine — then out of nowhere our nose starts running, the cough begins and we’re fresh out of medicine.

It can take a few days to get in to see a primary care manager and without a doctor’s note or 24-hour quarters from your supervisor, Airmen have to head to work.

Since May 13, 2019, all 22nd Air Refueling Wing Airmen have access to sick call every weekday morning, from 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. This service, provided by independent duty medical technicians, is available for Airmen with symptoms that have been present for less than 72 hours, such as the common cold or sinus infection. Airmen cannot use this service for chronic, recurring issues or post-surgical complications, which require an appointment with a PCM.

“The change was inspired by need,” said Staff Sgt Jhosselin Alonzo, 22nd IDMT. “First and foremost, the need of our Airmen to have access to medical providers that could offer a swift assessment for small, non-emergent medical concerns.”

Airmen were treated by off-base urgent care facilities in the past for temporary illnesses when their PCM wasn’t available.

Historically, IDMTs were assigned to flying squadrons only due to their tight schedules. Sick call hours expanded to select squadrons in December. The IDMTs were efficient, inspiring a transformation within McConnell’s medical care services to keep Airmen combat-ready.

“Now we are at the point where our IDMTs are capable and efficient enough to allow the entire base to have sick call,” said Alonzo.

IDMTs are enlisted Airmen who have been serving in the Air Force’s medical career fields for more than four years before applying for specialized training. The tanker medics are trained in a variety of specialties ranging from public health to pharmaceuticals and assessing patients to administering blood tests.

If you need to be seen, visit the Flight Medicine desk between the walk-in hours for assistance.