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DFAS returns to its World Wide Web home

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  • By The Defense Finance and Accounting Service

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service returned to its original World Wide Web location May 1.
DFAS provides responsive, professional finance and accounting services to the men and women who defend America. DFAS pays about 5.9 million people, and in fiscal 2006, made seven million travel payments, paid 13.8 million commercial invoices, managed an average of $424 billion in disbursements to pay recipients and managed $255 billion in military retirement and health benefits funds.

The DFAS Web site shifted to from its temporary location within the Department of Defense domain, which was

DFAS officials believe the change will make the Web site easier to find for DFAS customers and partners. The information available on the site, including topics such as military and civilian pay, retiree and annuitant pay and vendor pay, will remain up-to-date and relevant for the site's visitors, DFAS officials said.

Visitors who have bookmarked the old site address at to access the DFAS site should update their Web browser bookmarks with the new address. Anyone using the old address will be redirected to the new address automatically. This redirect service will be available for the foreseeable future.

This change affects the DFAS public Web site only. Other DFAS-sponsored online applications, such as myPay, remain unaffected and can be accessed at their current online address.