Letter from the Secretary of the Air Force

  • Published
  • By Michael W. Wynne
As an expeditionary military force, the United States Air Force operates in a global environment in a partnership with representatives of many different countries. In order to be prepared to respond to a wide variety of threats throughout the world, our Airman must be able to fight effectively in this dynamic global environment.

 Air Force personnel must be successfully work with, or fight against, military forces and people of differing cultures and views. Further, to most effectively defend a nation, we must each be committed to an environment of mutual respect that allows every member of the Air Force team to achieve his or her greatest potential. 

Diversity in the Air Force is broadly defined as a composite of individual characteristics, experiences, and abilities consistent with the Air Force Core Values and the Air Force Mission. Air Force diversity includes, but is not limited to, personal life experiences, geographic background, socioeconomic background, cultural knowledge, educational background, work background, language abilities, physical abilities, philosophical/spiritual perspectives, age, race, ethnicity and gender. 

Air Force capabilities and war fighting skills are enhanced by diversity among its Airmen. At its core, such diversity provides our force an aggregation of strengths, perspectives, and capabilities that transcends individual contributions. Air Force people who work in a diverse environment learn to maximize individual strengths and to combine individual abilities and perspectives for the good of the mission. Personal experience within such a diverse force is an important component of the Air Force leadership development. 

We expect Headquarters Air Force and each command to incorporate this broad concept of diversity into their operations and activities, tailoring it as specific circumstances and the law require. The united Stated Air Force embraces such diversity, convinced it significantly enhances the quality of our Total Force and our ability to accomplish our mission.