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  • Contamination avoidance protects Air Force assets

    Contamination avoidance is vital to protecting personnel and equipment in a nuclear biological and chemical threat environment. It can also be placed under close scrutiny by Operational Readiness Inspection inspectors, so it is important that all base personnel are familiar with the concept of contamination avoidance. It is a broad area that
  • MOPP-level awareness important for UCI success

    With McConnell's 2008 Operational Readiness Inspection approaching, it is important people get their minds on the "ability to survive and operate," or ATSO, mindset. One of the pillars of ATSO involves mission oriented protective postures, more commonly called MOPP levels. People should also be familiar with the different MOPP options and split
  • SBA launches loan initiative for veterans, servicemembers

    The Small Business Administration launched the Patriot Express Pilot Loan as the latest extension to the financial, procurement and technical assistance programs the agency provides to the military community. Patriot Express is a streamlined loan product based on SBA's highly successful SBA Express Program, but with enhanced guarantee and interest
  • Best selling author visits McConnell

    Dave Pelzer, a four time New York Times best selling author, serves as a mentor to many people across the globe. He has written several inspirational self-help books, including autobiographies that give his readers a visualizing understanding of his past as an abused child. He visited Team McConnell on June 15 to pass along some words of wisdom. He
  • Time to cool off - how to prevent heat exhaustion

    As temperatures rise, it is important to take the proper precautions to ensure a safe and healthy summer. Heat exhaustion is a form of a heat-related illness that can develop after several days of exposure to high temperatures and an insufficient amount of fluid intake. People suffer heat-related illness when the body's temperature control system
  • Summer Safety Tips: Grill Safety

    Barbecue. The word itself can make peoples' mouths water. When some people think of barbecuing the first thing that they think of is outdoor cooking and social gatherings. If grilling out, a favorite American pastime, is a part of people's weekend plans this summer, extra precaution around the grill can prevent serious injury and still result in a
  • Be prepared: tornado safety precautions

    People have recently witnessed what a tornado can do to a town in Kansas. Tornado season officially started in March but people can never be too cautious to review tornado safety procedures. Before and during storm season, it is essential to have planned methods in place so families can practice what to during a tornado. A tornado can do a massive
  • Suicide: a growing concern

    In 2004, the 11th leading cause of death in the United States was suicide; a total of 32,439 deaths, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. To help with this situation, risk factors and signs of suicide have been compiled through research to spot those in need of help. Research conducted by the NIMH shows that more than 90 percent of
  • What does “Old Glory” stand for?

    An American flag draped over a military coffin; catching a quick glimpse of a red, white and blue ribbon decal magnetized to the back of a passing car - both may hold a high significance, strong emotions of devotedness, and symbolism to patriotic members of the United States. With Memorial Day behind us and Independence Day to look forward to, Flag
  • AFRC helps communicate through video e-mail

    What to do? Your husband deployed more than three months ago and your two small children keep hounding you with questions. What is daddy doing? When is he coming home? The perfect solution to ease the on-going questions is a service provided by the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Operation Video E-mail is a video recorded message to your loved