McConnell Unified Services

  McUS mission is to focus community resources to enhance our Airmen and Families' well being, balance and resiliency.

McUS develops a comprehensive, coordinated plan for integrating and implementing community outreach and prevention programs. McUS will improve the delivery of human service programs by establishing a seamless system of services through collaborative partnerships and coordinated activities. 

McUS Information

McUS - McConnell Unified Services
Refueling Team McConnell!

Goals and Objectives
· Increase awareness of McUS and its helping agencies - Community awareness plan
· Focus the message based on CAF pillars - Monthly ollaborative focus events
· Evaluate participation in McUS events - Measure attendance
· Develop appropriate measures of success tied to Health of the Wing

Comprehensive Airmen Fitness
Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) represents the Air Mobility Command's investment in readiness of the force and quality of life for our Airmen, family members and Civilians.

CAF Goals
To Create and Strengthen a Community of Fit and Resilient Airmen, Civilians, and Families
· To Provide a More Robust Framework for HAF and MAJCOMs to Support Airmen and Families through the 4 Pillars of Fitness (Physical, Social, Mental, and Spiritual)
· To Create a "Sense of Belonging" on Installations through the 5 Cs (Care, Commit, Connect, Communicate, Celebrate)

How CAF Works
CAF synergizes our community services and helping agencies to deliver relevant support to our Airmen, civilians and families, all focused through the lenses of the 4-Pillars and 5 Cs. The 4-Pillars of CAF are:
· Mental: "Demonstrating Self-Control and Character with Life's Challenges"
· Physical: "Performing and Excelling Through Exercise, Nutrition, and Training"
· Social: "Developing and Maintaining Trusted, Valued Friendships"
· Spiritual: "Strengthening Beliefs and Values Beyond Societal Sources of Strength"

The 5 C's
The ways are the 5 Cs, the means are the 4-Pillars and the end is a sense of belonging, well being, life balance and resiliency for all.

Care, Commit, Connect, Communicate, Celebrate.

CAF Purpose

The goal of Comprehensive Airman Fitness is to help our Airmen, Air Force civilians and family members become more resilient and better-equipped to deal with the rigors of military life. We do this by promoting:

Positive Behaviors -- Caring, Committing, Connecting, Communicating and Celebrating.

Holistic Health -- Mental Fitness, Physical Fitness, Social Fitness and Spiritual Fitness.

McUS Events

For more information about Comprehensive Airman Fitness visit the Air Mobility Command website at, or contact the Public Affairs office at (316) 759-3141.