We are ready

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. James Davis
  • 22nd Contracting Squadron
When I think of readiness and compliance, I am immediately reminded of our former Strategic Air Command and the concept of having a "force in being" that was prepared to deploy at a moment's notice, to deter and retaliate against the Soviet Union's nuclear threat. SAC's mission was all about being prepared. Our increased reliance on nuclear weapons and "Air Power" for deterrence called for a strategic, combat force with unprecedented levels of readiness. History would prove preparedness and readiness instrumental in making us victors of the Cold War.

Although, many of us did not serve during the Cold War era or under SAC, in less than three days we all will have the opportunity to showcase our preparedness by flexing our "force in being" to more than 86 inspectors as they conduct our inspections, programs. I am excited because these inspections serve as our stage to highlight our collective talent as well as our sense of readiness and compliance throughout the wing. Just as in the days of SAC, preparation has also become the cornerstone of our mission's success.

I believe preparation is grounded in one's personal commitment which goes well beyond the checklist mentality. On that account, it is important to recognize our long standing Air Force culture for using external inspections to ensure unit compliance. This may be a first for a large majority of our Airmen, and although there is no substitute for experience, I know these Airmen are personally committed. I applaud those who used sports analogies to compare the upcoming inspections to the big game day in an effort to articulate the significance given to all the training, rules of engagement and teaming that leads up to the big event.

Keeping with the sports theme, I would like to offer an acrostic, a hidden message, to support your personal commitment as you run your daily plays in front of the inspectors, while showing greatness. I believe these enduring principles can bridge any experience void and will serve you well long after the inspectors are gone. Here are some principles to ponder:

· R ealize it is not about you: It is all about the larger team and mission.
· E xcellence is the standard. We should strive for nothing less.
· A ttitude is everything. Always be positive and professional.
· D on't leave any doubt. Be an operational leader regardless of your rank.
· Y ou make the difference.

Many have worked long hours analyzing processes, reviewing checklists, training to the lowest common denominator and ensuring the right leadership focus is being placed across all mission sets. Just keep in mind that flexing our force is what we do every day as we execute objectives to attain our strategic goals of a ready mission, ready airmen, and ready base. The only difference this time is, our supervisors, NCOs and leaders are accompanied by vested stakeholders from around the Air Force.

Fellow Airmen it's game time. We are ready, so let's bring on the inspectors.