22nd Operations Group

The 22nd Operations Group directs the wings KC-135R Stratotanker refueling and airlift operations in support of worldwide AMC, U.S. Transportation Command, Air Force, Department of Defense, and allied operations anywhere in the world. With its 344th, 349th, 350th, and 384th Air Refueling Squadrons, the group supervises operations in support of strategic force projection and mobility, special operations, tactical air operations, and humanitarian assistance efforts. 

Through the 22nd Operations Support Squadron, the group provides airfield management, air traffic control, intelligence, combat crew communications, base weather service, mission scheduling, planning, and combat tactics. The group also operates eight refuelable tankers the only base assigned this type of aircraft. 

In all, the 22nd Operations Group uses these five squadrons and their assigned personnel to execute the wing's challenging and diverse refueling and airlift missions, from CONUS refueling support to unit deployments in support of theatre operations worldwide.