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 Air Force Art

Can I get a copy of the new Air Force symbol?

Yes, however the Air Force symbol is a registered trademarked and permission to use it is required. Commercial usage of the symbol requires a license agreement. For more information and to download a license agreement, point your browser to:

 Can I get an electronic copy of the Department of the Air Force Seal?

Yes, go here. However the Air Force Seal is protected by law from use by any party for purposes not specifically authorized by the Air Force. The seal is permitted only as outlined below (AFMAN33-326, 01 Nov 1999). Falsely making, forging, counterfeiting, mutilating, or altering the seal, or knowingly using or possessing with fraudulent intent is punishable by law (Title 18 U.S. Code 506, Crimes and Criminal Procedure). Display of the seal is allowed in certain instances. Commanders must make sure the display is in good taste and appropriate to the occasion. 
Authorized Users. Commanders of major commands (MAJCOM), field operating agencies (FOA), direct reporting units (DRU), Air Force missions, military assistance advisory groups, air attaches, professors of aerospace studies, and Air Force general officers may use the Air Force seal in the performance of their official duties. Museums may use the seal when specifically authorized by AFHRA. 
Authorized Uses. You may use the seal or any part of it -- in black and white, color monochrome reproduction, pictorial, or sculptured relief -- as follows: 
-- On printing issued at departmental level for general Air Force use. 
-- In official Air Force films, videotapes, or television programs. 
-- On programs, certificates, diplomas, invitations, and greetings of an official nature. 
-- On memorials or monuments erected or approved by the Department of the Air Force. 
-- With any official Air Force exhibit. 
-- On wall plaques at Air Force facilities with the approval of the appropriate commander or agency chief. 
Unauthorized Uses. The seal will not be to imply Air Force use or endorsement of an item. (For example: Air Force property and equipment for identification. Souvenir or novelty items.) 
-- Printed matter copied or collected by an Air Force activity, except as shown in paragraph. 
-- Toys or commercial gifts and premiums. 
-- Stationery as a letterhead design. 
-- Menus, matchbook covers, sugar envelopes, calendars, and similar items. 
-- Military or civilian clothing.

 How can I get a job designing art work for the Air Force?

When available, the Communication Design team advertises on the Office of Personnel Management's Web site ( The job series is 1084 - Visual Information Specialist.

 How I can get copies of art work for my offices and buildings?

We do not provide printed copies of art. You would have to take the electronic copies and have them printed yourself. Not all of our art is high resolution, or resolution independent, so you must take this into consideration before you print them. You can also check with the Air Force Art Collection ( They have a collection of original paintings they will loan out for extended periods of time to U.S. Air Force bases.

 I am an artist. What do I have to do to submit my art to Air Force Link?

Send it to as an attachment. We prefer large-sized JPGs and EPS files.

I am looking for an Air Force poster/lithograph that I saw. Can you help me find it?

In general, all older posters are no longer available. We have information on posters that were part of the Air Force lithograph program, not a special poster produced for a specific career field, exercise or an audio-visual series. If you'd like more information, send your request to,.

 I am looking for an old Air Force shield. Can you help me find it?

We lack the manpower to handle individual requests for research, but we suggest you try the Air Force Historical Research Agency.

 My company would like to use some of your art in an advertisement. What does it cost to do this and what do I have to do to get permission?

The federal government has specific regulations governing the use of military marks, insignia and images. For more information, visit

 What criteria does the Air Force use to determine which art submissions will be accepted?

1) The art must have an Air Force or patriotic theme. 
2) The art must be either hand drawn or computer created. We do not accept photo illustrations or photo composites. 
3) The art must meet minimum standards of quality.
 Community Relations

How do I get a speaker from McConnell AFB to speak to my organization?

Please contact the Public Affairs office at 316-759-3141 to obtain a speaker. 

Have available the date, time, topic(s), and which career field you would  prefer to speak.

 How do I request a flyover or non-aviation participation for public events?

The first step in requesting support for all aviation events is by submitting a Request for Military Aerial Support, or DD Form 2535. The form must be thoroughly completed in order to request an Air Force flyover, air show static display and/or tactical aircraft or parachute demonstration. This form must be completed and signed by the sponsoring organization, certified by "owner" of the event site and approved by the local Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards District Office before submission to Air Force public affairs.

To request McConnell participation for non-aviation, ground organizationsfor public events, such as the base honor guard, a different form, DD Form 2536, must be submitted and can be found here.

Visit to download appropriate forms, view eligible events or for more information.

 I'd like a tour of McConnell AFB. Can you tell me how the process works? 

1. Tours of the 22nd Air Refueling Wing are available Monday thought Friday from April 1 to Oct. 31. All tours must be coordinated through the 22d ARW Public Affairs office. The public affairs office will support up to three tours per month and no more than one tour per day. Tours will not start earlier than 8 a.m. or end later than 4 p.m.

2. Tour groups should have at least 15 and no more than 45 people. The public affairs office provides tours for those ages 12 and older and only to parties that benefit the recapitalization and modernization of the Air Force, such as ROTC classes, potential Air Force recruits and civic leader groups with wide-ranging spheres of influence. Due to deployments and operational commitments, McConnell no longer supports tours for organizations such as reunion groups or elementary school classes. Groups with children between the ages of 12 and 17 must have one adult chaperone for every 10 children. No pets are allowed on tours.

3. Requestors must complete a tour request form and submit it to public affairs to be considered for a tour. Due to high demand, tours should be requested at least one month in advance as they are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests may be mailed, faxed or e-mailed.

4. Tours may include, but are not limited to: a base windshield tour, the fire department, the air traffic control tower, a KC-135 static display, a military working dog demonstration, an explosive ordinance disposal demo, a unit mission brief, a firing range visit and the Robert J. Dole Community Center.

5. Tours are subject to change or cancellation with little notice based on the wing's mission needs and operational and/or training requirements. All tours are subject to cancellation due to operational commitments.

6. For more information call (316) 759-3141 or email
 Freedom of Information Act

Looking for additional FOIA information?

Some records are released to the public under the Freedom of Information Act and may, therefore, reflect deletion of some information in accordance with the FOIA's nine statutory exemptions. A consolidated list of such records is on

Air Force bases use a standard office symbol to sort and deliver mail. The office symbol is the Alpha Code (i.e., LRS, DP, etc.) provided on the list. You must include the address and office symbol in the address of mail sent to Air Force bases. Be advised that Air Force directives prohibit the delivery of unofficial mass mailings (50 pieces or more from the same mailer on the same day). Repeated mailings of less than that to circumvent policy are also prohibited. 

The names of personnel assigned to sensitive or routinely deployable units have been withheld under 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(6), and 5 U.S.C 552(a), The Privacy Act. 

FOIA requesters who have questions concerning the processing of their request with the McConnell AFB FOIA Office should call (316) 759-4881. If dissatisfied with the response from the center, people may contact the FOIA Public Liaison, HQ AMC FOIA Office at (618) 229-5710 or e-mail, or the FOIA Public Liaison, HQ AF FOIA Office at (703) 588-6102 or e-mail

For more information visit:
Air Force FOIA Web site
DoD FOIA Web site

 What is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

Public Law 5 U.S.C. 552 enacted the Freedom of Information Act. It established statutory rights of access to government information. It generally states that any person has a right, enforceable in court, of access to federal agency records -- except to the extent that such records, or portions thereof, are protected from disclosure by one of nine exemptions or one of three special law-enforcement record exclusions. See DoD Regulation 5400.7, Air Force Supplement, DoD Freedom of Information Act Program, the prescribing directive, for more information.

 Who can submit a FOIA requests?

Members of the public, including foreign citizens, military and civilian personnel acting as private citizens, organizations and businesses and individual members of the Congress -- for themselves or constituents. Government employees submitting requests should not use government equipment, supplies, stationery, postage, telephones or official mail channels to make FOIA requests.
 General Air Force Questions

How do I request the Air Force transport something for me?

Title 31 of the United States Code (The Economy Act) prohibits the DoD from transporting non-DoD goods and people. This is unless it is a matter of national interest; commercial transportation is not available; the request is sponsored by a federal-government, executive agency or the sponsoring agency agrees to reimburse the DoD for the cost of transporting the goods or people.

 Where can I get information about space available, more commonly called "Space A," travel?

The best resource is to contact the nearest military passenger terminal. The terminal staff members will have the most current information.

If you plan to travel Space A, contact the passenger terminal(s) where you plan to depart for current flight information and assistance.

McConnell's Passenger Terminal can be reached at (316) 759-4810, or by visiting the official website

For Air Mobility  Command's travel page, click here

 Where can I get photographs of Air Force people, aircraft and equipment?

Air Force Link Images Page 

DefenseLink Multimedia 

There may be a fee associated with obtaining photography from the resources listed below. 

Defense Visual Information Center
Customer Service 
1363 Z Street, Building 2730 
March AFB CA 92153-2073 
Phone: 909-413-2522 (still photography) 
Phone: 909-413-2550 (video) 

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) 
Still Picture Branch 
8601 Adelphi Road 
College Park MD 20740-6001 
Phone: 301-713-6625 ext. 234 

National Air and Space Museum Archives Division (MRC 322) 
Smithsonian Institution 
Washington DC 20560 
Phone: 202-357-3133 

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division 
Washington DC 20540 
Phone: 202-707-6394 

 Where can I obtain military memorabilia such as patches, uniform items, mugs, etc?

A list of companies is located on Air Force Link.

Does the Air Capital Inn have any restrictions of which I should be aware?

Smoking and pets are not allowed at the Air Capital Inn.

 How can I make lodging reservations at McConnell?

Call the Air Capital Inn at (316) 759-6999.

 Who is eligible to stay in McConnell’s Air Capital Inn?

Current and retired U.S. military members and their family members are entitled to stay at the Air Capital Inn provided they have valid identification cards. This includes Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members and their family members. 

Family members must be 18 or older to rent a room without a military sponsor. 

Department of Defense civilian employees and their family members are also eligible to stay at the Air Capitol Inn provided they have valid identification cards. 

However, DoD civilians' lodging privileges on-base differ slightly from those of military members. For example, DoD civilians must be on leave or serving a temporary-duty assignment in order to stay in the Air Capital Inn. So, it is a good idea for authorized civilians to have their approved leave forms or TDY orders when checking in to base lodging. In addition, family members of DoD civilians cannot stay at the Air Capitol Inn with out their government employee sponsors. 

For more information, call the Air Capitol Inn at (316) 759-6999.
 McConnell Air Force Base General Questions

Does McConnell AFB have a Base Exchange?

Yes, McConnell AFB has a base Exchange. 

Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m
Sunday: Closed

To contact the Exchange, call (316) 759-0353


 Does McConnell AFB have a commissary?

Yes, McConnell AFB does have a commissary.

Hours of operation:
Sunday - Monday - 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday - Saturday - 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

To contact the commissary, call (316) 759-5621


 Does McConnell AFB have a dry cleaner or alterations shop?

Yes, The Cleaners is located in the Base Exchange next to the Base Commissary.

To contact The Cleaners, call (316) 295-2719


 Does McConnell AFB have a movie theater?

No, McConnell does not have a movie theater. 

 Does McConnell Air Force Base have an Arts and Crafts center?

Yes McConnell does have an Arts and Craft center. 

The Arts and Crafts center provides a full service wood shop, a plaque and engraving shop, custom frame shop, a full service or do-it-yourself auto shop, car wash and detail stations and various arts and craft classes.

To contact the Arts and Crafts center call (316) 759-4084


 Don't see your question?

Click here to send an e-mail message to the 22nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs office or call a public affairs representative at 316-759-3141.

 How do I find out about civilian jobs at McConnell?

Please contact the Civilian Personnel Flight at (316) 759-4353.

 How do I reach the base operator?

Call (316) 759-6100.

 I am looking for a friend or family member that is stationed at McConnell, who can I call?

If you are looking for a military member, contact the Military Locator at (316) 759-3555

If you are looking for a civilian, contact the Civilian Locator at (316) 759-4353

If you are looking for a Reservists, contact the Reserve Locator at (316) 759-3412

If you are looking for Air National Guard member, contact the Kansas Air National Guard Locator at (316) 759-7555

 I have a question about base housing, who should I call?

For questions about who is eligible to live in base housing, housing availability or any other questions regarding base housing please contact the Housing Office at 316-759-3910.

Floor plans for base houses are not available online.

 I need to get a new Identification card, who do I call?

Please call the Military Personnel Flight Customer Service office at 316-759-5332

 What is the area code and prefix for McConnell AFB?

McConnell's area code: 316
McConnell's DSN prefix: 743
McConnell's commercial prefix: 759

 What is the Robert J. Dole Community Center?

McConnell's Robert J. Dole Community Center is the heart of our community. The Center is home to the Tanker Tavern, Tornado Alley Bowling Center, the ITT Office, Bleckley Lounge and the Breakaway Room. They also hold events every month, like First Tuesday Bingo, movies, crafting classes, and more.

More info on the center is available here.
 Medical FAQ

How do I contact the medical clinic?

For appointment needs or to contact the medical clinic, call (316) 759-6300.

 How do I determine what procedures are available through TRICARE at the base?

Information on procedures available at military installation clinics (or available through TRICARE) may be researching using TRICARE Online ( 
The web site (which is not sponsored by the Air Force) has a great deal of information on procedures, the pharmacy formulary and tips to maintain health.

 How do I get a copy of the pharmacy formulary?

Information on many medical procedures, including the formulary, is available through the 22nd Medical Group website,

The pharmacy formulary can be found at the following link,

 I have questions about my medication, who do I call?

Please contact the 22nd Medical Group Pharmacy line at 316-759-5062

How do I get from Mid-Continent Airport to McConnell AFB?

1. Start out going North on Mid Continent Rd / South Air Cargo Road toward Mid Continent Road. 
2. Continue to follow South Air Cargo Road. 
3. Turn right  onto West Crossfield Road. 
4. Turn left onto ramp.
5. Merge onto South Mid Continent Road.
6. Turn slight right onto Frontage Road / US-400 / US-54.
7. Merge onto US-400 East/ US-54 East / West Kellogg Ave. via the ramp on the left toward Wichita.
8. Turn right onto South Rock Road.

 How do I get to McConnell AFB?

McConnell AFB is located off of South Rock Road in Southeast Wichita, Kan.

Driving from the West: Take US-400 / US-54 / Kellogg Avenue going east until you get to the intersection of Kellogg Ave. and Rock Road. Turn right, going south, onto Rock Road. McConnell AFB will be on the west side of Rock Road.

Driving from the East: Take US-400 / US-54 / Kellogg Ave west until you get to the intersection of Kellogg Ave. and Rock Road. Turn left, going south, onto Rock Road. McConnell AFB will be on the west side of Rock Road. 

Driving from the North: Take I-35 South to US-400 / US-54 / Kellogg Ave going east until you get to the intersection of Kellogg Ave. and Rock Road. Go south,  right turn, on Rock Road. McConnell AFB will be on the west side of Rock Road. 

Driving from the South: Take I-35 North to I-135 North toward Salina. Merge on to US-400 / US-54 W /  Kellogg Ave. going east until you get to the intersection of Kellogg Ave. and Rock Road. Go south, right turn, on Rock Road. McConnell AFB will be on the west side of Rock Road. 

 I am moving to McConnell but I do not have a sponsor, who should I call?

To obtain a sponsor first contact your unit.
If a unit sponsor is not available, you can request a sponsorship package from the Airman and Family Readiness Center by calling (316) 759-6020.
 Space-Available Travel

How can I sign up for space-available flights out of McConnell AFB?

Space-available travel is a privilege available to military members and retired servicemembers. Essentially, it means eligible passengers are allowed to "catch" free transport on certain military flights, mission and space availability permitting. 

Family members of Active Duty and Retired members must travel with their sponsor unless they meet the following criteria. 

- Sponsor is deployed for 120 days or more - Bottom of Cat IV 
- Sponsor is deployed for 365 days or more - Bottom of Cat III 

***Deployed family members must have a letter authorizing travel stating deployed Sponsor's dates. Contact your nearest Passenger Terminal for additional information. 
Pets are not allowed on Space-A flights. 

Sign up for McConnell Space-A travel by visiting the base passenger terminal, building 1090. They can also fax a completed sign-up sheet to (316)759-3011. 

In addition, people can download an electronically alterable sign-up sheet from the Air Force PortalForce Portal, fill it out and send it via e-mail to or sign up at (Preferred method). 

All flights are subject to change due to weather, maintenance and operational requirements. 
 Visitor Center

As an active duty/Guard/Reserve member, how long can I sponsor a visitor on base?

If a visitor is from within the local area, you can sponsor for up to but not exceed two days. If the visitor is from out of the local area you can sponsor up to but not exceed 10 days.

 As an active duty/Guard/Reserve member, how many visitors can I sponsor on base?

Each eligible ID card holder can sponsor up to five visitors per day.

 I have a contractor or vendor coming on base to work for up to five days. How do I get them a pass?

Military members can either meet vendors at the West Gate off of George Washington Blvd, Building 61, or you can go to the Visitor Control Center SharePoint Site and submit a "1-5 day contractor/vendor request." Follow all directions and fill out request completely. Inform contractor/vendor to have current vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver's license and pick up pass at the West Gate.

 I have a contractor or vendor requiring access to perform work at my house?

All contractor's and vendor's will have to be sponsored through the West Gate, Building 61, off George Washington Blvd to gain access to base housing. 

I have a military installation decal on my car and want to obtain a new one.

McConnell Air Force Base no longer issues decals and to gain access to the base you must have a current ID Card. Anyone with a decal on a car issued from McConnell is asked to remove it and turn it into the VCC at the East gate entrance, off of Rock Road and Kansas Street.

 I have a visitor coming to meet me for lunch, how do I get them a pass?

All McConnell AFB military members can go to the Visitor Control Center SharePoint site and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "1-10 day Visitor Pass Request." Follow directions and fill out request completely. Let visitor know that they will pick up the pass at the Visitor Control Center off of Rock Road, outside the East gate entrance on Kansas Street. Guests should have current vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver's license.

 I live in the dorms, how do I get my friend on base?

Dorm residents may sponsor friends on base with a 12-hour pass, and is not to exceed midnight. If a visitor is staying at the Air Capital Inn, obtain a pass for up to but not to exceed 10 days. Guests should have current vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver's license.

 I live in the dorms, how do I sponsor my parents on base?

Family members will have to provide current vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver's license and the member will sponsor them at the Visitor Control Center at the East Gate entrance.

 I’m a military member and my driver’s license is about to expire. What do I need to do?

The military member should call the Visitor Control Center at (316) 759-4712, and determine if the state of issue has an automatic military extension or if an extension will need to be applied for. Each state is different and the VCC can look this up and provide current information. The VCC can also check to see if the extension is good for dependants.

 I’m a retired military member or dependant of a retired military member and can’t get around due to medical issues. How can I get a pass for my dependent or friend to be able to pick up medicine at the clinic or shop at the commissary for me?

A Medical Request form can be filled out by the retired military member and or dependant of a retired military member at the Visitor Control Center. Some documentation required with the Medical Request is a doctor's letter stating the condition of the member and power of attorney letter in more severe conditions.

I’m deploying and I need to have a family member or friend help my spouse, what can I do?

All McConnell AFB military members can go to the Visitor Control Center SharePoint Site and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "1-30, 31-180 day Extended Pass Request." Follow directions and fill out request completely. 

This form should be routed through first sergeants and the housing office manager for approval prior to sending to the Visitor Control Center. The VCC has five business days to process requests for approval. When approved, inform the visitor to pick up a pass at the VCC off of Rock Road, outside the East gate entrance on Kansas Street. Guests should have current vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver's license.

 I’m driving on base and bringing a guest with me. Do I need a pass for my guest?

Passes are not required for guests if the driver has a valid ID card. The guests valid state issued driver's license or ID card will be required.

 I’m retiring and need to get my guests on base for a ceremony. What do I do?

All McConnell AFB military members with a guest list of six or more can go to the Visitor Control Center SharePoint Site and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Special Event Request. Follow directions and fill out request completely. Each visitor should be informed to pick up their pass at the East gate entrance and to inform the Gate Guard they are here for a retirement for the member retiring. Guests should have current vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver's license. If, your guest list is five or less, fill out a "1-10 Day Visitor Request and submit." The only difference is they will have their guests pick up the pass at the Visitor Control Center not at the gate.

 I’m thinking about having a wedding and reception on base, how do I get a pass for all my guests?

Large group requests should be worked through the 22nd Force Support Squadron, (316) 759-6002. The squadron should be able assist with events and will work with the Visitor Control Center to create a Special Event request. 

 My military ID card has expired, what do I do?

To obtain a new card, an appointment can be made through the RAPIDS appointment scheduler at . Call the military personnel section at (316) 759-3737 after scheduling your appointment and ensure proper documentation requirements. 

 My parents live in a state that doesn’t require carrying a vehicle registration with the vehicle; it is on the vehicle sticker. What do they do when driving on base?

Due to regulations and federal guidelines, all vehicles permitted on military installations must have current vehicle registration and vehicle insurance card. The visitor can still receive a pass, but won't be able to drive the vehicle on base.

 My spouse is deployed and I’m having a family member or friend come help me, how do I get them a pass?

Dependants must stop by the Visitor Control Center and pick up a paper Extended Pass Request. The security clerk will instruct on how the form must be filled out. When the dependant is done filling out the request they will wet sign the request and submit it to the VCC. 

The VCC has five business days to process the request. When approved, let visitor know that they will pick up the pass at the VCC outside the East Gate on Kansas Street. Guests should have current vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver's license.

 What do I do if I’m driving a rental car on base?

Rental agreements must be presented when accessing base. 

The rental agreement will show if rental insurance has been accepted or declined. If declined, a company insurance card or private insurance card with driver license must be presented.

 What do I have to do if I'm driving a company vehicle on base?

All company vehicles will have to be inspected at the West Gate Contractor Vehicle Inspection (CVI) and proof of current vehicle registration, insurance card, and driver's license must be presented.

Where can I get voting information from?

To get information about voting, please visit and/or contact any of the resources listed below.

AF Voting Website:
MAFB Installation Voting Assistance Office Contact information:, (316) 759-5678