22nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

The 22nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs is focused on delivering truthful, credible, accurate and timely information to key audiences in order to enhance their understanding and appreciation for Air Force capabilities and contributions to national security, while maintaining due regard for privacy and communication security.

PA Core Competencies

The five Public Affairs core competencies are directly linked to the Air Force Core Competencies. The core competencies provide the Public Affairs triad with the vision to integrate information into operations at home and in an expeditionary role. The core competencies are supported by five key processes and process improvements constituting the way the Air Force conducts Public Affairs.

These five competencies are:
· Trusted Counsel to Leaders
· Airman Morale and Readiness
· Public Trust and Support
· Global Influence and Deterrence
· Public Affairs Readiness

PA Purpose

The U.S. Air Force engages in Public Affairs to provide trusted counsel to leaders; build, maintain, and strengthen Airman morale and readiness; enhance public trust and support; and achieve global influence and deterrence. The triad of Public Affairs practitioners, bandsmen, and broadcasters is dedicated to executing the Public Affairs mission for the Air Force. The triad uses its resources to research, plan, execute, and evaluate communication strategies and tactics. 

It is the responsibility of all Airmen to tell the Air Force story. Whether they're representing their base at a community function or representing the U.S. in a wartime or contingency operation, all Airmen are front-line ambassadors for the Air Force. It is imperative for the Public Affairs triad to prepare all Airmen to be credible, intelligent, and articulate spokespersons for the Air Force.

PA Products & Services

PA materials generated or acquired by Air Force members, employees, or contractors in conducting official duties are the property of the United States Air Force. Personal use of PA materials for sale or any other reason not directly related to an official Air Force activity is prohibited. Use of personally-owned or self-help equipment requires users to adhere to operational security, PA, historical archiving, and information security guidelines.

To request photo or video support, please complete the highlighted sections of the AF Form 833, available by clicking the image above. Digitally sign and date section 24 and e-mail the form to 22.pa@us.af.mil. Printed copies can also be dropped off at the Public Affairs office. 

Public Affairs can also loan out photo equipment to your unit if we are unable to support your request. To request self-help equipment, call (316) 759-3141.

Service Hours

Passports (official purposes only)
Mon, Wed, & Fri: 0900-1200/1300-1500
Official Photos
By Appointment Only

Contact Us

For more information or questions regarding Public Affairs, contact us at:

COMM: (316) 759-3141
EMAIL: 22.pa@us.af.mil

22nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
22931 Kansas St., Suite 271
McConnell AFB, KS 67221