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  • Wings of Change: McConnell Defenders Add First Female Raven

    Overcoming an injured tendon at the Phoenix Raven Qualification Course would only be one of many obstacles along the way that didn't stop Staff Sgt. Amanda Estores from becoming McConnell’s first female Raven.“As a woman, I set aside any predispositions anyone might have about my gender each day,

  • The Untold Stories: 23 McConnell Airmen receive medal upgrade for OAR

    The call came in. Orders were made. Bags were packed. And they were out the door.In a short 17 hours, 70-80 McConnell Airmen scrambled together and took off to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, where they spent several weeks in August of 2021 supporting the 123,000 refugees evacuated from Afghanistan during

  • Sizzling ambitions

    Six months after arriving in America, Airman 1st Class Saw Lournn Poe Phyu embarks on a new chapter in her life by enlisting in the U.S. Air Force.

  • 18th Air Force visits McConnell

    Major General Corey Martin, 18th Air Force commander, and Chief Master Sergeant Tom Blount, 18th Air Force command chief, visited Team McConnell on September 26-28, 2023. The 18th Air Force leadership spent three days visiting and conversing with Airmen about the projects they are currently working

  • McConnell Resolves Boil Water Advisory

    McConnell Air Force Base has successfully resolved a recent water pressure issue that prompted a precautionary boil water advisory from August 14-17.

  • 349th ARS receives volunteer award

    The 349th Air Refueling Squadron received the Terry Brewster Volunteer Award on Aug.4 for their work with Rainbows United during the National Baseball Congress Tournament at Wichita State University's Eck Stadium in Wichita.

  • Wichita Street Reopens on Base

    After eight months of diligent reconstruction efforts, Wichita Street, a significant thoroughfare within the base premises, has successfully reopened.