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  • Gold Star members instill resilience

    The Air Force has a history of time-honored traditions associated with honoring fallen members. McConnell is continuing this legacy by working with local Gold Star family members to connect them to squadrons as part of the base family.

  • McConnell MWD team deployment support

    “One night that was memorable to me during a deployment was a time we went on a long run after work — my dog and I heard an explosion,” said Tech. Sgt. Elvin Jose, 22nd Security Force Squadron kennel master. “It sounded really far away, but about 10 seconds later the ground shook and we heard sirens

  • SERE sergeant promoted for outstanding work

    Stripes to Exceptional Performers is an Air Force program that rewards Airmen who consistently perform above their peers with an on-the-spot promotion by the wing commander. Every base submits an Airman to their Major Command and one person is chosen to be immediately promoted.Tech. Sgt. Raymond

  • Block training builds relationships at McConnell

    It’s been 40 years since McConnell Air Force Base received the KC-135 Stratotanker mission. As that aircraft prepares to leave the base, the 344th Air Refueling Squadron is using that time to take the extraordinarily rare steps of writing the rule book for a new aircraft.

  • AF Cyclists put passion into action

    “There are times when you’re tired,” said Chief Master Sgt. Susanne Herbert, 22nd Maintenance Group superintendent. “You’re not getting a lot of sleep at night, you’re camping, you’re riding and on average, people don’t ride 70 to 100 miles a day. So I’d say it’s something that your body has to

  • Tanker team: The crew of Python 62

    “I was sitting in the boom operator station in the cockpit,” said Airman 1st Class Hannah Clarke, 349th Air Refueling Squadron boom operator. “Everything was normal until we rotated and I heard the pilots call out the high exhaust gas temperature. I went to look and saw the high EGT in the upper

  • Physical therapy team gets ahead of injuries

    When Airmen suffer from illness or injury, the road to recovery can be a difficult process, but the 22nd Medical Operations Squadron physical therapy staff here is trying to prevent these injuries from ever developing with their proactive outreach programs.