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Kansas does not authorize "home instruction" or "home-schooling" specifically. However, the state does recognize Non-Accredited private schools. If you intend to home-school here in Kansas, you will need to register once with the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) to be classified as a Non-Accredited Private School. A non-accredited school satisfies compulsory attendance laws, but is not accredited by the State Board of Education.

There is no fee charged to register a school. You will register the name and address of the elementary or secondary school (home-school). Registration consists of filling out a simple form by mail or online. You will not receive any kind of confirmation. 

Register online at: 

For further information or to request a printed registration form contact: 

Non-Accredited Private Schools 
Attn: Tate Toedman 
120 SE 10th Avenue 
Topeka, KS 66612-1182 
PHONE: (785) 368-7088 


There are numerous support groups for home-school families in the local area to share resources, work together and participate in sports. The Teaching Parents Association has a comprehensive list of statewide groups on their website. The McConnell AFB Library also offers resources and activities for home school students. 

For more information: 

McConnell AFB Library
Teaching Parents Association
Wichita Area Homeschool Athletic Association
KSDE of Education Homeschooling
Home School Association for Military Families

If you are interested in putting together another home-school group specifically for McConnell families, please contact the school liaison with your ideas.