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22nd Contracting Squadron

MISSION:  Developing superior contracting professionals and providing exceptional business solutions & capabilities to all mission partners!

VISION:  Trusted business leaders fueling a reputation of excellence!

Contracting plays a vital role in supporting the 22d and 931st Air Refueling Wings.  We buy services which support the installation and base personnel, construction
to repair and sustain base facilities, and equipment/supplies required to accomplish the mission.  We also manage the Wing’s Government Purchase Card program.

Useful Links

Vendor Registration:  www.sam.gov

Registration Assistance:   www.wichita.edu/thisis/home/?u=ptac

Business Opportunities:    www.fbo.gov

Acquisition Regulations:  www.acquisition.gov

Small Business

Doing Business with the Air Force eProgram Guide


 Small Business Links:  www.sba.gov


Contact info

22d Contracting Squadron

53384 Kansas St.

McConnell AFB, KS  67221


PH:  (316) 759-3275