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Reporting Instructions

Normal Operations: For the current weather event, the installation commander directs the following: Normal Operations. When in doubt, please contact your chain of command for specific directions. 

  National Weather Service Wichita 7-Day Forecast
  McConnell AFB 30-Hour Forecast
  Southern Kansas Weather Radar   


McConnell Straight Talk Line: (316) 759-3149
Local weather information: 1 (866) 511- 5368 or http://www.weather.gov/

For Sedgwick County school district closures and other delay information, please use the phone numbers below.

Wichita: (316) 973-4000
Derby: (316) 788-8400
Andover: (316) 218-4660
Sedgwick: (316) 772-5783
Haysville: (316) 554-2200
Rose Hill: (316) 776-3300
Mulvane: (316)777-1102

Driving Tips

Slow down for wet, snowy, icy conditions.
Avoid quick braking or acceleration.
Find out about driving conditions before you go.
Every time - buckle up.
Turn signals, brake lights and windows need to be clear of snow.
You should never use cruise control in winter weather conditions.

It is advised that personnel should consider keeping the following items in their vehicle during winter conditions:

Mobile phone and charger, emergency tire sealant, reflective vest, flashlight, matches, first aid kit, red triangle, shovel, ice scraper, de-icer solution, cat litter or sand for traction, battery jump leads, tire chains, tool kit, warm clothes, blankets, pair of boots, food and water.