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  • AMC command chief visits, shares wisdom

    Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Barron, Air Mobility Command command chief, visited McConnell from Nov. 6-8 for a base orientation. Here are some of things he had to say about McConnell during his visit:Q. How does McConnell's mission contribute to the Global War on Terror? A. When you think about what tankers bring to the war, our country and defense to
  • Walk of memories, a somber experience

    If you look closely, you may realize that you have driven past it a hundred times, maybe never realizing the significance or not knowing it at all. It's the Memorial Walk just past the main gate here. Initial construction of the walk started in 1976 as a pathway for people coming from base housing to the chapel and other destinations on base. There
  • 22nd LRS lauded for OIF support

    Defense Energy Support Center representatives from Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, visited McConnell Nov. 3 to thank 22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron members for their role in helping DESC support Operation Iraqi Freedom. DESC's mission is to keep military balloons afloat in the Middle East. People probably don't think of the military when they
  • Personal safety measures should increase as daylight decreases

    Sunday marked the autumn and winter portion of daylight saving time for much of America, and people across the nation turned their clocks back an hour. Daylight saving time is geared toward maximizing people's use of available daylight - depending on the time of year. Traditionally, Americans turn clocks ahead an hour on the first Sunday in April
  • Being prepared takes hard work

    Former Army Gen. George S. Patton once said, "A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood." I believe he meant it is better to sweat a ton while training hard for battle than it is to spill a single drop of blood during war. No truer words have been spoken, and they still ring true today as McConnell continues to train on a daily basis. Training is not
  • Energy conservation saves money, resources

    October is Energy Awareness Month. The overall theme the U.S. Department of Energy has chosen for this year's conservation effort is "Energy independence depends on us; choose wisely; use wisely." The Air Force's motto for this year is "creating a culture where Airmen conserve energy." "Energy conservation is not a foreign concept," said Norm
  • Pay day loans: financial freedom or bondage?

    Clever slogans, catchy jingles, promising billboards and bright flashing lights - the warning signs of the typical payday loan store. Payday loan stores have become ever more popular on street corners throughout Wichita and throughout the United States in recent years. That payday loan stores offer easy accessibility to "quick cash" for an
  • Base environmental programs put to the test

    A 32-person inspection team will be here from Monday to Oct. 20 to inspect McConnell's environmental programs. This year's assessment will also focus heavily on occupational health compliance. The 2006 Environmental and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program will evaluate base-wide compliance for both occupational health
  • This was a phenomenal performance! – Col. Joseph Rohret, ASEV inspection team chief

    Team McConnell is the best in Air Mobility Command when it comes to aircrew training support, training, and standardization and evaluation programs. This became official after an inspection team from Headquarters, Air Mobility Command, visited McConnell to conduct the Aircrew Standardization/Evaluation visit Sept. 18-29. This evaluation was a
  • Financial irresponsibility could jeopardize clearance

    Bills, bills and more bills - are you tired of them? No, this isn't a television commercial for a loan company, but it does deal with the importance of managing your financial obligations. If you didn't know, your financial status plays an important role in the Personnel Security Program and is a crucial part of national security. In 2005