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  • MEO: Dealing with discrimination

    The 1960's and 1970's were times of great change in the United States. The Civil Rights movement and the Feminist movement made apparent discriminatory practices that plagued the country and members of the military. The Air Force recognized that discrimination and sexual harassment severely impair a unit's readiness, camaraderie and discipline -
  • Saying farewell to last World War I Marine

    Members of the Kansas City 24th Marine Regiment serve as pallbearers Jan. 25, during the funeral of Albert "Jud" Wagner. Mr. Wagner served as a Marine from 1918-1919 and was recognized as one of nine surviving World War I veterans. He was 107 years old when he died and was Kansas' oldest World War I veteran. He was the world's oldest Marine. Mr.
  • McConnell hand-picked to lead ‘LRS evolution’

    The Air Force has hand-picked McConnell to be one of twelve bases Air Force-wide to restructure its logistics readiness squadron to better meet the needs of the evolving force. Selected bases will streamline several logistics functions using Air Force Smart Operations 21 principles of eliminating unnecessary practices and focusing on work that
  • Contrails signs off with final printed issue

    The base paper spans fifty-six years of history, stories, photographs and memories. Every week McConnell's mission has been documented in the base newspaper since July 27,1951; more than half a century. That era is coming to an end this week. This is the last issue of the McConnell base newspaper in print. When the first issue of the base newspaper
  • Some Telephone Tax Refund Requests May Be Too High

    The Internal Revenue Service said today that early filings show some individual taxpayers have requested large and apparently improper amounts for the special telephone tax refund. The IRS is investigating potential abuses in this area and will take prompt action against taxpayers who claim improper refund amounts and the return preparers who help
  • 22nd OG keeps McConnell’s air operations flying

    The 22nd Operations Group, which supervises operations in support of strategic force projection and mobility, special operations, tactical air operations and humanitarian assistance efforts worldwide through its fleet of KC-135 Stratotankers, is a dynamic and diverse organization that sets it apart from other tanker units. The Group consists of the
  • Military Channel wants to tell your story

    The Military Channel is asking servicemembers across the armed forces to submit videotaped stories about their service in the global war on terrorism for broadcast on television, company officials said. "We want to give a voice to the troops to allow them to tell their stories," Jill Bondurant, Military Channel publicist, said during an interview
  • Unofficial travel - Learn rules before heading overseas, don’t go unprepared

    The Global War on Terror has transformed the way the Air Force prepares and executes its mission. It has also changed the way Department of Defense members should prepare for travel, official or unofficial, outside the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories. Travel for deployments, temporary duty assignments, and permanent