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Commander’s spouse saves seizing man

MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kan. -- Sarah McVay, 22nd Operation Support Squadron, commander’s spouse, saved an elderly man’s life Oct. 25, 2018, at McConnell’s pharmacy.

McVay decided that she would go get her prescriptions filled while the pharmacy wasn’t too crowded. While she was there she experienced something that many people can’t say they’ve done in their life. She saved someone’s life.

“I saw his hands curling and he wasn’t responding to his wife calling his name,” said McVay. “And I just knew I had to turn around because there was just something in her voice saying something wasn’t right.”

McVay does not have any medical background or knowledge, but when the elderly gentleman began to seize she immediately began to react. McVay said she had previously experienced someone having a seizure, which gave her background on symptoms.

“All that was going through my head was he is about to start seizing,” said McVay. “I just knew that if that was my family member I would want someone to react the same way I did.”

McVay caught the man’s head and slowly lowered him to the ground, ensuring his head did not hit the chair or the ground. The seizure lasted for about a minute while help was being called for.

“The medical group reacted with extreme urgency and within seconds of calling for help there was a group of people rushing toward us,” said McVay.

McVay said she is relieved that he didn’t have to suffer more and that she hopes he is doing well.

“It is very important to react quickly because he could have hurt his head or broken a bone which can be life-threatening,” said James Speanburg, 22nd Medical Support Squadron, pharmacy technician.

Speanburg said if you see someone who is experiencing a seizure you should help them to the ground and place a pillow or soft object under their head.

“I’m just glad I could help and make it less traumatizing for him and his wife,” said McVay.