UCI prep provides potential for improved processes

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Timothy Horn
  • 22nd Air Refueling Wing command chief
As I walk around the wing, I see a lot of Airmen working very hard - some are focused on the day-to-day mission, some are ensuring our programs are ready for the upcoming Unit Compliance Inspection. There is an extraordinary effort underfoot. I am impressed with the pride we take in what we do. Even more impressive is how this effort transcends career fields; I see everyone from finance to firemen, from maintainers to medics, from billeting to boomers, all focused on compliance and ensuring their processes are sound and ready for inspection.

Inspections are like vegetables; many us of don't care for them, but they're good for us. In our high OPSTEMPO and day-to-day grind, we sometimes fail to pay attention to how we do our job. Are we following Air Force instructions, technical orders and other guidance? Are our processes efficient? Are they documented? It's important that we take time to ensure we're answering these questions ... and that our fix actions should be based on the long-term, not just to look good for the UCI. If we do this right, we'll be better off as a wing and our compliance and improvement efforts will ultimately make us better at doing the mission.

As you work your checklist or seek to prepare your program for the UCI, I ask that you look beyond the end of February. Ensure what you fix or build is sustainable. By sustainable, I mean there's a good chance that we'll still be using the improved solution well into the future. It will become our new "day-to-day" work process - simply how we do business. If we have the right focus, the UCI is a wise investment of time. And since time is such a precious resource, it's imperative that we don't waste it.

Thanks for all you do and please, eat your vegetables!