Do’s and don’ts of CFC

  • Published
  • By Capt. Keric D. Clanahan
  • 22nd Air Refueling Wing Judge Advocate
The "C" in Combined Federal Campaign could also stand for "confusing", "convoluted" and "cryptic" considering all the rules and restrictions accompanying the CFC season.

Think of the following information as an "Airmen's Guide to CFC Fundraising" - something to cut through the confusion and reduce your aggravation in the holiday season because chances are, the needle on your stress meter is already approaching the red. And I promise to keep the AFI references to no more than three.

This year McConnell's CFC season runs until Dec 15. CFC representatives can solicit Airmen and federal civilian employees at the office or other work sites for donations. Other individuals and groups not raising funds in support of CFC (to include private organizations and unofficial activities on base) face fundraising restrictions during the CFC season.

According to AFI 36-3101, fundraising within the Air Force, individuals and groups may not solicit for a local internal program at the workplace. For example, during the CFC, squadron members can't pass the hat collecting money to help out a fellow co-worker.
In addition, individuals and groups may not solicit for a local external private organization away from the workplace. An example: placing a contribution box outside the fitness center or dining facility, and collecting money for a local soup kitchen or shelter.

While the Air Force places numerous restrictions on fundraising during the CFC season, there are a few fundraising activities permitted under AFI 36-3101 if authorized by the installation commander.

Under AFI 36-3101, individuals and groups may solicit for CFC at the workplace. This, essentially, is the purpose of the CFC.

Individuals and groups may solicit for a local internal program away from the workplace. Fundraising of this type might include a booster club holding a car wash off base, or working at a local sporting event, to raise funds for the unit holiday party.

To comply with current installation policy on fundraising and off-base solicitation, hold non-CFC fundraisers during the CFC season off base.

If you believe that fundraising during the CFC season is important, make diligent efforts to obtain the necessary approval. The 22nd Air Refueling Wing Commander, Col. James W. Crowhurst, must authorize any proposed fundraising event.

Submit authorization requests to conduct non-CFC fundraising activities to Rick Durham, 22nd Force Support Squadron, Resource Management Flight at 759-4407.

Participating in the CFC is strictly voluntary. If you contribute to the CFC through a payroll deduction, your allotment won't start until January. Also, all fundraising restrictions discussed above also apply during the Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign.