Know the 3 P’s

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. James Morman
  • 22nd Air Refueling Wing interim command chief
In a couple of weeks, I'll retire after 30 years of serving in the Air Force. It doesn't seem like it's been 30 years, but time flies when you're having fun. I thought for my swan song article I'd write about a few of my favorite things and people.

Pride, professionalism, and passion: three simple words Col. Michael Dillard, 22nd Operations Group commander, uses every day. Normally he says the three P's when he is talking about his Airmen, the mission or both. Not only does Colonel Dillard speak these words, he lives them.

Pride is a personal commitment. It's an attitude which separates excellence from mediocrity. As an Airman in the Strategic Air Command, pride was drilled in to each of us.

Each SAC base had a "Pride" building, normally the air traffic control tower, across the front of the building in big bold letters was painted the word PRIDE. PRIDE, the acronym, stood for: Professional Results In Daily Efforts. Simply stated, do your best every day.

Do you walk pass a piece of paper on the ground? You shouldn't. Do you correct someone that is wearing the uniform wrong? You should. Do you wear your blues every Monday if your job allows or do you find creative ways not to? Do you take 15 minutes longer than you should for lunch? You shouldn't. Do you give 100 percent every day? You should. We should all have PRIDE in our base, jobs, and life. Do you have PRIDE?

Professionalism is the skill, competence, or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession. It's about attitude, behavior, self-presentation, self-respect, and dignity. It means not just knowing how to do your job, but demonstrating a willingness to learn, cooperating and getting along with others, showing respect, and living up to your commitments.

It also means avoiding behavior that causes trouble in the workplace. It doesn't matter if you are the newest Airman or the wing commander, if you act the way people expect a professional to act, you'll be accepted and treated like one. Give it your all and if you can't, it's time for you to look for another profession. Are you a professional?

Passion is boundless enthusiasm. Passion enables us to overcome obstacles and to see the world as a place of infinite potential. The best example of passion is our Chaplains, especially Chaplain (Capt.) Bob Borger. I have never seen Chaplain Borger without a smile on his face and a bounce in his step.

He looks at every situation and finds what can be, what should be and what will be. We could all learn a lesson from Chaplain Borger and I know he would be happy to share them. Do you have passion?

From airman basic to chief master sergeant I've tried to live my life with the 3 P's, no matter what the job was. As my career comes to a close I will continue to live with the 3 P's, no matter what the future holds. Do you have Pride, Professionalism and Passion in your jobs and life? You should.