Where will you find strength?

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Mike Seiler
  • 349th Air Refueling Squadron commander
Each of us will face a variety of challenges throughout our life and Air Force career; how we meet these challenges will define the character within. Many of these challenges will seem insurmountable or impossible.

These challenges will take many forms, perhaps another long deployment over the holidays or the loss of team or family member.

One way to prepare for the challenges ahead is to ask yourself--where you will find the strength to get through the tough times?

A majority of the challenges from our mission are overcome through training, combined team efforts and leadership. But what about the personal challenges, who do we fall back on then?

Each of us must have someone we can draw strength from. The strength necessary manifests in many forms. It may be motivation, encouragement, a sudden attitude adjustment or even someone to pray with.

This strength may come from a wingman, for others it may be a family member and many may draw strength from their spiritual faith, I draw from all three of these daily.

Regardless of your source, you must build a solid foundation of support in order to prepare for the colossal challenges. So take some time and think about how you will handle the next life changing event.

After you take stock of your personal plan for strength, remember also to be someone else's strength.

Its vital to our mission to support our people when they need it most. You may have to be proactive in your support of others and that means living the part of an effective wingman, not just saying you're a wingman.

The direct support and strength you provide others will build character in you.