Holiday message from AMC/CC

  • Published
  • By General Arthur J. Lichte
  • Air Mobility Command commander
As we celebrate this holiday season, Chris and I extend our very best wishes to the Air Mobility Command family.

We are extremely proud of the dedication to service before self you so clearly display as you accomplish our nation's global air mobility mission. Because of you, the United States has the unprecedented ability to simultaneously confront tyranny and lend aid anywhere in the world.

In the air and on the ground, AMC is at the center of the fight. Whether we are delivering fellow warfighters and their equipment to the front lines; providing life-saving aeromedical treatment and evacuation to wounded warriors; conducting air refueling to extend our nation's reach and power; delivering humanitarian aid to those in need; or providing vital combat support functions at dozens of locations around the world, the mobility team makes a positive difference by bringing peace and hope to millions of people every day.

And to our spouses and family members, please know that the support you give your loved ones - especially through recurring months of separation - is the foundation of our success. Your love, strength and sacrifice enable our warriors to excel in the most demanding of conditions. Thank you for all you do to make AMC Airmen great.

Have a safe and joyous holiday season and a wonderful New Year.