Professionalism and teamwork

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Steve Matthews
  • 349th Air Refueling Squadron commander
It takes the best coordinated efforts of an entire team to win. That is what we strive for every day.

The men and women of Team McConnell spent several months preparing for an exercise of significant importance to our nation.

Its successful execution highlights an even more important set of concepts: professionalism and teamwork, which makes a powerful strategic message. Make no mistake, this kind of endeavor requires the hard work of an entire team of dedicated Airmen.

While the Airmen who went forth from McConnell AFB to Fairchild AFB, Wash., was small, it took the efforts of every member of Team McConnell to prepare, train, and ultimately execute this vital mission.

We each have a part to play in this, and sometimes we may not always realize how important our efforts are, and it becomes difficult to see through the fog and friction. But it is important to remember that we serve something bigger than the individual, bigger than a squadron, and in this case even bigger than McConnell.

It was truly amazing to see our Airmen hit the ground running as soon as we arrived at Fairchild AFB, seamlessly integrate with the professionals of the 92nd and 141st Air Refueling Wings and demonstrate an exceptional commitment to our shared mission. Three wings, two bases - one team.

I could not be more proud of the professionalism displayed by every member of Team McConnell that went forward to Fairchild AFB; but I also know that we did not get here alone and we owe our success to the efforts of everyone in the 22nd Air Refueling Wing. You are all professionals and part of an amazing Air Force team. Take pride in knowing that when all of the KC-135s took to the air out of Fairchild AFB for the live-flying culmination to this exercise, it was a McConnell tail-flash and crew leading the way! You made that happen!

Lt. Col. Steve Matthews, 349th Air Refueling Squadron commander