McConnell celebrates Memorial Day

MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kan. -- Every day people show their respect and support of men and women who formerly and currently serve in the five branches of the United States armed forces. Though each branch has its own mission, they have worked together for decades and continue to serve America, to provide the freedom and democracy to American citizens.

On Memorial Day, people honor those who have passed away while serving in the U.S. military.

Members of the McConnell Honor Guard spent May 28 honoring United States heroes during a Memorial Day ceremony held at the Resthaven mortuary and cemetery in Wichita.

Another McConnell Airmen honors those who have sacrificed their lives while in the line of duty in the following Memorial Day poem.


By Airman 1st Class Nathaniel Bush
22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Some say we're crazy,
some say we're brave.
Most boys will go home,
others to their grave.

If there's one thing I hope,
if there's one thing I pray,
one day I'll go home,
and be able to stay.

I'll give my momma a hug,
and my family all my love.
but I will never forget,
my fellow defenders,
looking down from above.

I will always remember,
what they gave,
So I myself,
am not in a grave.

For that I am thankful,
for that I will cry,
and always remember,
those who have died.

I will forever be thankful,
I will forever fight,
for those not with us,
to enjoy this night.

They came so willing,
to give their best.
They served their country,
to save the rest.

So I say this day,
before I go,
they fought for us,
and they all will be,
forever, my hero.