When do you turn to IG for help? Solving IG mystery

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Darlene Foote
  • 22nd ARW Public Affairs
While most people have a general idea about what the inspector general's office is all about, there are also many misconceptions that exist about the program.
Take a few seconds and check your knowledge.
Mark true or false for the following:

1) Military members are required to inform their supervisor before going to the IG.

2) Members must always use the chain of command to resolve issues.

3) Complaints may be submitted using an AF Form 102, calling the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hot line, by letter or memo, or in person.

4) Complainants that are unsatisfied with the original investigation have no recourse.

5) Punitive action may be taken against military members who file grievances through the Complaint Program channels.

6) Only Air Force military members have a duty to report FWA or gross mismanagement.

7) Members who submit intentional false statements are subject to punitive action under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.

Answers (Provided by the 22nd Air Refueling Wing IG)
1) FALSE: While informing your supervisor is encouraged, it is not required. Any individual may present their complaint directly to the IG.

2) FALSE: Complainants are encouraged to use the chain of command to the maximum extent possible, discussing a problem first with their immediate supervisor and elevating it up the chain of command to the first sergeant and unit commander if it can't be resolved at the lowest lever. However, use of the chain of command is not mandatory.
If the chain of command cannot resolve a complaint, or if an individual chooses not to address a complaint through the chain of command, he or she may make a complaint to the IG.

3) TRUE: Members may submit complaints using an AF Form 102, calling the FWA Hot line, by letter or memo, or in person. Complainants are encouraged to contact the IG office at 759-. 3192 before going in person.

4) FALSE: Complainants who are not satisfied with the original investigation may request the next higher level IG review their case within 90 days of receiving the IG response. The request for review must be in writing and give specific reasons why the complainant believes the original investigation was not valid or adequate. The complainant must provide additional information to justify a higher-level review on previously considered issues. Simply disagreeing with the findings or remedial action taken will not constitute sufficiency for additional IG review.

5) FALSE: Reprisal is strictly prohibited per AFI 90-301, IG Complaints: It states that all Air Force members, military and civilian, and their dependents, will have ready access to the Inspector General. No punitive or discriminatory action will be taken against anyone for seeking redress of grievances through Complaint Program channels.

6) FALSE: Air Force military and civilian members have a duty to promptly report FWA or gross mismanagement, a violation of any Air Force instruction, an injustice, deficiency, or like condition, to a superior or commander in their chain of command, to an IG or other appropriate inspector, or through an established grievance channel. FWA complaints may be reported to the Air Force Audit Agency, AFOSI, security forces, or other proper authority. All military and civilian members must promptly advise the Air Force Office of Special Investigation of suspected criminal misconduct or fraud.

7) TRUE: Complainants to any Air Force IG must understand they are submitting official statements within official command channels. Accordingly, they remain subject to punitive action for intentional submission of false statements. A complaint will not delay or prevent completion of command actions such as reassignment, retirement, discharge, non-judicial punishment, and so on, except in extremely unusual circumstances.

The primary role of the wing IG is to assist in resolving personal complaints based on alleged wrongdoing or injustice. They also administer the Fraud Waste and Abuse Program, Congressional and high-level inquiry responses and investigating officer training. Lt. Col. Ed Stanfill is the wing inspector general and the deputy IG is Master Sgt. Ed Watson. If you have a complaint, contact them at the FWA Hot line, 759-3192 or stop by Bldg 750, Room 207.