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KC-135 Stratotanker

McConnell AFB commits to conducting our mission in an environmentally responsible manner to protect human health, natural and cultural resources, and the environment. A successfully executed Environmental Management System (EMS) provides a framework to support this goal. Diligence in practicing the four pillars of environmental stewardship: Compliance, Pollution Prevention, Protecting Natural and Cultural Resources, and Restoration continue to be focuses of McConnell’s leadership. In this endeavor, as in others, Team McConnell Airmen will demonstrate the pride of the TANKERS.

Team McConnell shall appoint primary and alternate Unit Environmental Coordinators and EMS Cross-Functional Team (CFT) members to address the unit’s environmental issues and assist in environmental decision-making to include development of environmental objectives and targets;

Assure compliance with all applicable environmental laws and other requirements when conducting mission activities and strive for continual improvement in environmental performance;

New and innovative environmental technologies, practices, and procedures shall be considered in order to improve energy efficiency, address natural infrastructure management, and promote sustainability, where feasible;

Knowledgeable application of an effective pollution prevention program shall be implemented to include recycling materials, minimizing waste generation, and responsibly disposing of waste;

Environmental performance assessments shall be conducted, in accordance with Air Force compliance and conformance evaluation programs, to identify and document non-compliance situations, and to implement and track corrective and preventive actions;

Responsible units shall complete job-specific EMS training in accordance with the McConnell AFB Competence, Training, and Awareness supplement to the EMS Playbook;

Sustain mission through base-wide conformance to EMS guidelines utilizing EMS Awareness training specified in the McConnell AFB Competence, Training and Awareness supplement to the EMS Playbook

Recycling Program

There are several locations and agencies across base that will accept materials for recycling.
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Housing Recycling Program

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