• We Keep refueling the Planes, 100 years of Air Refueling

    Funnels, a hand-operated valve and reaching out to grab rubber hose while flying in an open cockpit at 120 miles per hour was the recipe that led to a cornerstone of Global Mobility, a century ago.Those were the tools and method for the first air refueling, passing a grand total of 75 gallons of

  • 22 ARW Gains New Commander

    The 22nd Air Refueling Wing hosted a change of command ceremony where Col. Nate Vogel, outgoing 22 ARW commander, relinquished command to Col. Cory Damon, incoming 22 ARW commander, June 9.

  • Clear Vision, Wet Noses

    A team of ophthalmologists from Kansas State University's Veterinary Health Center visited McConnell Air Force Base, where they provided free eye exams for military working dogs.

  • 101 Critical Days of Summer defending the Human Weapon System

    The 101 Critical Days of Summer begins on Memorial Day weekend and continues through Labor Day weekend. During this timeframe Airmen, and Guardians tend to participate more in outdoor activities, take time to travel, barbeque with friends and explore new things over a season that has historically

  • Care, Listen, Connect; Peer-to-Peer

    McConnell recently launched their new “Peer-to- Peer” initiative, designed to optimize the use of existing programs and helping agencies within the installation.“The Peer-to-Peer initiative is not just another program,” said Chaplain Jacob Wilde, 22nd Air Refueling Wing Chaplain. “It aims to

  • Andover tornado illustrates value of emergency preparedness

    The 22 ARW Safety team recommends putting together a disaster supply kit and following specific procedures to keep you and your loved ones safe.Maintaining an emergency supply kit, including nonperishable foods, bottled water, a radio and flashlight with extra batteries, can keep service members and

  • 22nd FSS introduces Family Child Care Program to McConnell

    With limited space in McConnell’s childcare facilities, the 22nd Force Support Squadron plans to launch their Family Child Care program in April 2023.“This program increases the availability of childcare as well as gives [parents] the peace of mind that [their children] are receiving quality care