22nd CONS troop named AMC Airman of the Year

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Michaela R. Slanchik
  • 22nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

Staff Sgt. Amy Sievers, 22nd Contracting Squadron contracting specialist, left her small hometown in Washington state to join the Air Force with dreams of furthering her education and gaining work experience.

Little did she know that four years later, she would be married and making smiley face pancakes for her step son, completing her Bachelor’s degree and named Air Mobility Command’s 2019 Airman of the Year.

The AMC annual awards recognize individuals and teams whose exceptional achievements and leadership qualities distinguished them from their peers. It wasn’t by luck that she achieved this prestigious award.

“Amy is dedicated to her work,” said Tech. Sgt. Arlene Harris, 22nd CONS NCO in charge of the contingency support cell and Sievers’ supervisor. “She executes the contracting mission with the clear understanding that our mission impacts other units’ abilities. She exemplifies what we provide our mission partners, U.S. taxpayers and vendors alike. She is the best of what our [contracting] community has to offer — confident, competent professionals with unquestionable character.”

Prior to her current deployment, Sievers attended Silver Flag training, a course primarily for the Air Force’s civil engineers and force support members preparing them for contingency operations in deployed environments. Sievers was among the first contracting Airmen to participate in the training in 10 years, broadening her knowledge and familiarizing herself with ways that contracting can help enable the global mission.

Before her deployment, she secured millions of dollars’ worth of assets for the 22nd Air Refueling Wing, assisted local recruiters with gaining future Airmen and spends her free time giving to the local community.

Sievers has volunteered for six months with the Wichita Veterans Affairs department with the “No Veteran Dies Alone” program. NVDA is designed to provide compassion and companionship to veterans who are in hospice care and have no family with them during their last moments.

“At first I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after sitting with the patients,” said Sievers. “But after my first time of being able to sit down and talk to a patient, I quickly realized that any personal barriers I had went away. I couldn’t imagine one of my loved ones being alone at that stage of life.”

Sievers is also a volunteer Violence Prevention Integrator trainer, instructing violence prevention tactics to hundreds of McConnell Airmen.

“She works on all fronts,” said Harris. “Whether it be handling Squadron Booster Club correspondence, instructing Green Dot courses for groups on base, co-chairing a Wing Diversity Day committee, or sitting at bedside of sick and shut-in veterans during their time of transition, she supports our force’s lines of efforts in action.”

Her work to support the 22nd ARW has secured awards such as the John L. Levitow during Airmen Leadership School, 2019 AMC’s Contracting Airman of the Year, two Squadron-level Airman of the Quarter and two Wing-level Volunteer of the Quarter awards.

“The two biggest things I can attribute this to are very supportive leadership and hard work,” said Sievers. “I wouldn’t have had half of the opportunities I have had this past year if it wasn’t for my squadron supporting my goals and trusting me with opportunities.”

Next, Sievers will compete against all other Major Commands’ Airman of the Year winners for a spot as one of the Air Force’s 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year. Until then, she’ll continue chipping away at her Bachelor’s degree and continuing her duties to the best of her ability.

“For now, I am taking things one day at a time,” said Sievers. “Being in the military has shown me there are many doors that can open, usually when you least expect.”