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When Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne spoke at his town hall meeting at the Pentagon earlier this year, he discussed some of the issues facing the Air Force today, as well as its strengths and his goals for 2007. One of the ways he's accomplishing those goals is through a mission, or "goal card."

Many of the goals on this card are a continuation of those he expressed early on in his tenure: fostering mutual respect and integrity; sustaining air, space and cyberspace capabilities; open, transparent business practices; and fostering Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century across the Air Force. The secretary added a new goal this year: "Every Airman an ambassador to all we meet and serve."

"It turns out, even in our community in the United States, people look at us as ambassadors of our Air Force," the secretary said.

The secretary encourages all Airmen to tell the Air Force story -- not just senior leaders.

Some Airmen may mistake those in high-visibility positions, like Thunderbird pilots or wing commanders, as being the only representatives of the service. But actually, all Airmen are ambassadors of the Air Force, the secretary said.

"The ambassadors for our Air Force are us, every one of us," Secretary Wynne said. "Without a doubt when we are at (Osan Air Base, Japan) on a bike trip, at (Kunsan Air Base, Japan) taking a tour, or at (Misawa Air Base, Japan) and a local is taking us diving, they interact with us and come away with a feeling about the Air Force. They can come away with good feelings or come away with bad feelings. At the end of the day, it is up to you. That is where I say: Every Airman is an ambassador."

Secretary Wynne also outlined his thoughts on Air Force ambassadors in his Feb. 7 Letter to Airmen: Every Airman an Ambassador.

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Throughout the coming weeks, each of the secretary's goals will be highlighted through photos, news stories and features on Air Force Link. 

(Information provided by Air Force News Service)