752nd OSS, 134th ACS Validate New TOC-L Battle Management Node

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  • By 184th Wing

In a significant stride towards modernizing battlefield communications, the 752nd Operations Support Squadron teamed up with the Kansas Air National Guard’s 134th Air Control Squadron and 284th Air Support Operations Squadron to test and validate one of the U.S. Air Force's pioneering systems - the Tactical Operation Center – Light, or TOC-L, at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas, Jan. 29, 2024.

The collaboration marked a pivotal moment in advancing the Air Force's capabilities in managing modern threats and ensuring robust communication in hostile environments.

The TOC-L, a highly mobile tactical-edge battle management node, is designed to operate across all domains from anywhere on the battlefield, providing a critical edge in today's fast-paced combat scenarios.

During their time at McConnell Air Force Base, the 752nd OSS and 134th ACS focused on validating requirements for several modernized communication methods. This was a crucial step in ensuring that the TOC-L can maintain operational effectiveness, especially in scenarios where traditional communication methods might be compromised due to enemy jamming.

The insights gained from these exercises are expected to significantly inform the developers of the next generation of TOC-L systems, which the 134th ACS anticipates receiving in the coming years.

“The TOC-L system is a game-changer for the Air Force's Control and Reporting Centers, or CRCs,” said Maj. Morgan Huttes, director of operations, 134th ACS. “It brings next-generation capabilities that are essential for speeding up fires and rapidly executing kill webs, a term that refers to the complex network of sensors, shooters, and decision nodes used in modern warfare.”

The system enhances the CRC's ability to make quick, informed decisions, a critical factor in the success of military operations.

"The integration of the TOC-L into our operations is a leap forward in our ability to manage threats and respond with agility," said Huttes. "This system not only ensures our communication resilience in the face of jamming but also significantly speeds up our decision-making processes."

The successful validation of the TOC-L at McConnell Air Force Base is a testament to the Air Force's commitment to staying ahead of the curve in technological advancements.

As warfare evolves, so does the need for more sophisticated and resilient systems. The TOC-L represents a significant step in ensuring that the U.S. Air Force remains ready and capable of defending its interests and allies in any conflict scenario.

As the Air Force continues to develop and refine its capabilities, the lessons learned from the collaboration between the 752nd OSS and 134th ACS will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of tactical communications and battlefield management.