Spring into nutrition

  • Published
  • By Kristi Leonard
  • Health and Wellness Center
Spring weather is on its way and with it comes a new crop of fresh produce. So out with the heavy fall and winter fare and in with the springtime fruits and veggies to give your diet a good "spring cleaning."

Yes, spring cleaning is not just for your home - it's for your health!

Freshening up your diet and exercise routine is a great way to revitalize health and boost your energy. Here are some ideas to start off the season.
  1. Clean out your pantry - Begin by sorting through your kitchen and toss the expired items and the lingering winter diet habits and make room for some fresher foods.
  2. Buy local - In season produce reaps the greatest nutritional benefits. Start looking for the bright, colorful, spring treats such as artichokes, strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb and stock up. These delicious and nutritious foods are perfect for a snack during the warmer months.
  3. Change up your fitness routine - If you are looking to boost your energy, then it is important to include exercise in your schedule. Choose a physical activity you enjoy and you will be more likely to make it a natural habit. With spring comes nicer weather and longer days, which gives us more opportunities to move outside and enjoy nature.
  4. Cook a meal with family and friends - Spring can be one of the busiest times of the year for many of us, but don't forget to stop and savor your food and your loved ones. Take the time to share a meal together and celebrate the new season.