Celebrate our freedom, be safe this Independence Day

  • Published
  • By Gen. Raymond E. Johns Jr.
  • Air Mobility Command commander
The 4th of July is a day for all of us to celebrate what we cherish and hold so dear as Americans...it's been this way for 235 years. What our forefathers fought and worked so hard for you carry on today, magnificently. We are as busy as ever and no matter what's asked, you rise to the challenge...to answer the call of others so they can prevail.

Our Airmen have a rich history supporting those in need, making a difference around the globe, and protecting the freedom we enjoy. In March, when our nation called on us to support operations in Libya, many of you, active, guard, reserve, answered that call in a matter of hours saying good bye to your families instead of good night, without any hesitation. It truly makes us all proud to know we have such dedicated Airmen.

We know and recognize this does not come without personal and family sacrifice. We owe you and your loved ones a debt of gratitude for all that you do.

As you enjoy this Independence Day weekend, I urge each of you to make safety a priority. Be especially careful when traveling, as the roadways remain our most dangerous environment. While we may be good wingmen for one another - others are not so responsible; watch out for drunk drivers and certainly don't drive if you've been drinking...it's just not worth it.

The Critical Days of Summer campaign has been the AF's ongoing campaign for decades for one simple reason: we save lives through persistent safety efforts. You, and your family's safety, begins with you.

One fatality is too many; together, we can attain our continued goal of zero preventable mishaps and fatalities.

We wish all of you a very happy Independence Day and thank you for your selfless commitment to our nation and those you help around the world.