Without support -- mission abort

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. David Linde
  • 22nd Mission Support Group superintendent
In a nut shell the 22nd Mission Support Group's mission is to provide a safe and reliable platform to launch and recover aircraft, while training and equipping Airmen to make the mission happen at home and in deployed locations worldwide.

It sounds pretty simple and straightforward, but the 22nd MSG is about as diverse as any military unit could be. This diversity allows the 22nd MSG to be the foundation that makes everything at McConnell possible.

More than 1,500 Airmen, civilians and contractors perform a myriad of tasks that are so varied, it boggles the mind. These varied career fields make it difficult to briefly describe each unit individually, but that does not in any way diminish their importance at McConnell.

22nd Civil Engineer Squadron
The members of the 22nd CES are one of the more diverse squadrons within the 22nd MSG. These men and women are responsible for McConnell's force readiness, fire protection, facility planning, programming, design, construction, operations and maintenance, explosive ordnance disposal, military family housing and environmental protections. Like a maintainer assigned to an aircraft, the 22nd CES maintains McConnell.

22nd Communications Squadron

In addition to maintaining McConnell, the 22nd MSG is responsible for ensuring the flow of communication and information. The members of the 22nd CS deliver this information superiority through superior combat-ready communications and airfield systems and services to support our mission.

22nd Contracting Squadron

To ensure that McConnell has proper funding to maintain mission readiness for its foundation and to maintain communication, the 22nd CONS provides acquisition support and planning. They are also responsible for managing complex construction, services and commodities contracts for McConnell.

22nd Force Support Squadron
Along with funding, the 22nd MSG is responsible for the morale and welfare of Airmen at McConnell. The 22nd Force Support Squadron performs this function of the 22nd MSG, and does this by providing food, lodging, mortuary affairs, fitness assistance, recreation, childcare and a variety of other quality of life programs. The service of the 22nd FSS also extends to McConnell's manpower/personnel and Airmen and Family Readiness Center services.

22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
The "driving" force of Team McConnell, the 22nd LRS professionals are responsible for a variety of functions including base supply, fuels, vehicle management and maintenance. They also manage deployment planning and support agreements.

22nd Security Forces Squadron
Ensuring the security of McConnell's personnel, families and assets, the Airmen of the 22nd SFS have an incredible responsibility. They also provide critical combat arms and pre-deployment training for wing members.

Though I have briefly described the units and squadrons within the 22nd MSG, this does not fully encompass their role at McConnell. This professional group of men and women work hard every single day to support McConnell's critical missions and the more than 16,000 total force of military, civilians and retirees who work, live and play here.

The 22nd MSG mission is so diverse, I like to compare it to a football team's offensive line because it is the part of the team that enables all the other components to operate the way they are supposed to.

Like an offensive line, the 22nd MSG is often unnoticed if we're doing everything right. Did your lights and computer work when you came in this morning? Was there a guard at the gate when you drove in? Was there hot food in the dining facility? Did your end-of-year requirements get purchased? If you got, we bought it.

We quietly make "Ready Mobility" happen by providing a "Ready Base" and "Ready Airmen."  As we say in the 22nd MSG, without support ... MISSION ABORT!