McUS: It's all about you

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Quentin Genke
  • 22nd Air Refueling Wing chaplain
The Air Force at times speaks its own language of acronyms.

To the outsider, the three-letter acronyms of AFI's (Air Force Instructions), UDM's (Unit Deployment Manager), PTL's (Physical Training Leaders), ROE's (Rules of Engagement), and SOP's (Special Operating Procedures) are as foreign as Chinese characters are to the French; however, to the insider these acronyms represent something large having specific value and meaning.

In the upcoming weeks and months, Airmen will be exposed to two more important acronyms - CAF and McUS. CAF stands for Comprehensive Airman Fitness and represents Air Mobility Command's investment in the readiness of the force and quality of life for our Airmen, family members and civilians.

McUS stands for McConnell Unified Services and is a team comprised of all base services agencies that focus community resources to enhance our Airmen and families well-being, balance and resiliency. CAF and McUS represent McConnell's commitment to your well being -- refueling Team McConnell.

McUS's objective is to increase awareness of helping agency programs that focus on the Four Pillars of Comprehensive Airmen Fitness: Physical, Social, Mental and Spiritual.

Through the collaborative efforts of all members, McUS will effectively implement various focus events throughout the upcoming months and years as they pertain to CAF. To do this, every month the McUS will intentionally support two target events that directly correlate to one of the four CAF pillars.

In September, there will be two focus events. The first being a "Single Parents Retreat" sponsored by the base chapel at the beautiful and scenic Rock Springs Retreat Center in Junction City, Kan.

The retreat will be Sept. 10 to 12, and is specifically targeted to meet the unique challenges presented by single parenthood. There will be various presentations by MCUS organizations covering a broad range of topics and as well as time for parents and their child(ren) to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Rock Springs while horseback riding, trap shooting, hiking or just watching the leaves begin to change colors. For more information on the Single Parent's Retreat, call Tech Sgt. James Smith at (316) 759-3566.

The second event will be a two-part "Patriot Day Ceremony" Sept. 10, in remembrance of 9/11. The day will begin at 6:45 a.m. with a Patriot Day Run. This 2.2 mile wing formation run, beginning at the Robert J. Dole Community Center, is intended to honor those victims killed in the 9/11 attacks. For more information about the run, contact Senior Airman Jonathan Scherquist at (316) 759-3077.

The day will close with Retreat Ceremony at 4:30 p.m. at the front of Building 1. All McConnell members and their families are welcome to attend.

McConnell representatives and downtown first responders will pay special tribute to those first responders who rushed in but tragically gave their own lives so that some could survive. For more information about the retreat ceremony, the point of contacts are Lt. Col. Robert Mallets at (316) 759-4129 and Tech. Sgt. Jenson VanCise at (316) 759-3902.

We live ever-evolving lives as Airman. New information flows into our inboxes and work centers and additional acronyms are added to our vocabulary daily. Sometimes it is easier to dismiss them as just another program, but the CAF is not just another program, it is a lifestyle and McUS enthusiastically looks forward to doing its part in bringing CAF from concept to reality.