2010 SNCO Induction Ceremony: 'Remember Your Roots, We're All Airmen'

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Ekesha Guillory
  • 22nd Maintenance Group
As a seasoned NCO, I was always fully aware that all Airmen are charged to lead at all levels in their career; however that expectation seemed most prevalent when I made the transition from the NCO to SNCO tier.

As a new SNCO, I can tell you that it's both exciting and scary at the same time. The overwhelming responsibility and expectations can be downright daunting.

We've all read Air Force Instruction 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure, the little brown book, as it's often called. It tells us what the responsibilities are at each tier. SNCOs have mastered the art of what it takes to be NCOs and a lot is expected of them. We're expected to guide others in establishing long-range career goals based on not only their desires but also the needs of the Air Force through a combined approach of feedback, coaching, mentoring, and delegating.

SNCOs are challenged with leading in a diverse environment in order to build teams and coalitions. We are also charged with identifying and challenging potential barriers to diversity. Well, as I said, we've all read through that little brown book, and we can see that the responsibilities of the SNCO are vast. We are held to the highest scrutiny because we're supposed to know "it." The U.S. Air Force and our leaders depend on us to accept this challenge every day. We are now among the elite, the "Top 3," a SNCO in the world's most powerful Air Force. So you see, it's not just a nice pay raise, it's a huge responsibility that must not be taken lightly.

The tradition of the induction ceremony is one way that we welcome newly promoted SNCOs. It allows us to instill the significance of being a SNCO and gives them their first experience of the pride and respect that goes along with being inducted into the SNCO corps. It doesn't just represent the pinning on of the stripe that forms the roof, but the entrance into a brotherhood. Walking through the arch of sabers ceremoniously brings these new SNCOs into this brotherhood. This ceremony tells your leaders, your peers and your subordinates that you are ready to lead, without hesitation.

The week of the Aug. 2 to 6, Team McConnell's new inductees will attend a professional enhancement seminar to help prepare them for all the aforementioned challenges that come along with their new stripe. The McConnell Top 3 will be honoring the transition of 48 NCOs during the 2010 Senior Non Commissioned Officer Induction Ceremony on Aug. 6, 2010.

The evening's theme is "Remember Your Roots, We're All Airmen." McConnell's Top 3 and the inductees are honored to have our own, Chief Master Sgt. Michael Edwards, 22nd Air Refueling Wing command chief, as the guest speaker to help encapsulate this time-honored event.