IG offers tips everyone can use for UCI preparation

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. James Ruffing
  • 22nd Air Refueling Wing inspector general
Team McConnell is about two weeks away from the arrival of the Air Mobility Command Unit Compliance Inspection team.

Several months ago, I was allowed to observe a unit compliance inspection at another base. During each of the daily briefings, I noticed comments from the inspectors centered around two themes: the UCI is an open book test, and compliance with the checklist is a starting point.

While we've spent a lot of effort ensuring inspection compliance with checklists, there are other ungraded areas that may affect the team's overall impression of Team McConnell.

Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

· Safety first: Remember to wear your seatbelts; stop for pedestrians in all crosswalks. Wear your reflective belts.  Use the right tools for the job; take extra precautions during adverse weather, and use hands-free cell phone devices while driving.
· Remember the 22nd Air Refueling Wing mission, and know how you support it. Provide combat ready Airmen to combatant commanders.
· Render proper customs and courtesies. Salute passing officers and staff cars. Pay proper respects to the flag during the National Anthem at 5 p.m., and use rank and last name when referring to one another.
· Ensure proper dress and personal appearance. Ensure you exceed all dress and personal appearance standards.
· Show pride in your unit, the 22nd ARW, and the Air Force. Take the initiative to pick up litter around the base. Take out the trash, Avoid profanity in the workplace. Use only designated smoking areas, and discard all smoking materials.
· Be responsive, and show enthusiasm. A sense of urgency and positive attitude go a long way.
· Know your reference materials. Show the inspectors you know where to find the answer, whether it's in an Air Force instruction, technical order or on your unit bulletin board.

I am confident if we follow these simple guidelines, we will prove to inspectors we are truly the center of Air Refueling Excellence.