Military Spouse: priceless part of Air Force team

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Mike Starkey
  • 22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
Recently my wife and I went out for an evening on the town. At a local club, a group of 20 people came in and sat down at our table. They were a wild bunch and were obviously celebrating something big. They looked like they might have been military members and spouses.

The DJ played some great music, and most of the group headed for the dance floor. The remaining few were loud, laughing, and oh so excited.

Curiosity got the better of my wife, and she had to see what the excitement was all about. As I went to get her a drink she walked over to the table and introduced herself.

She inquired about the occasion, and learned that a group from their unit had just returned from a long deployment. She asked each one where they had been and what unit they worked in.

Towards the end of the table she asked a young lady if she had been deployed as well. The young lady's reply was, "Oh, I'm just a military spouse," and turned as if my wife wouldn't be interested in talking further being she wasn't a military member. My wife made a point to let her know she too was a military spouse and explained how important the role of the military spouse is to the military member.

I returned with her drink and joined the conversation adding my viewpoint of how important military spouses are. You won't find anyone that would argue that military spouses are important, but many people have to sit back and think of all a military spouse provides. This will refresh their memory as to how priceless each military spouse is.

Keep in mind, our military spouses, can be male and female. You can't put a price on the love and support spouses provide.

We know the many countless personal sacrifices they have made: leaving familiar surroundings, family and friends to re-establish homes in distant places, becoming American Ambassadors while serving tours outside the continental United States, subordinating their personal and professional aspirations to the greater benefit of the Air Force family, and ensuring military members can concentrate on the immediate mission knowing the spouse is maintaining the family unit both at home station and during deployments.

Never forget, although the spouse is not deployed, they are a crucial part of the deployment. I challenge you to correct any spouse you ever hear say, "I'm just a military spouse." Take a few extra minutes to help them understand how much they mean to our Air Force. 

For the spouses reading this article today, you are so much more than just a military spouse; you are a priceless part of the Air Force team!