Military Family Housing recycling is voluntary

  • Published
  • By Kristi Draney, Recycling Program Manager
  • 22nd Civil Engineering Squadron
The recycling program returned to military housing. The new contract uses a local contractor and is being run using local guidelines. The contract requirements have been simplified to take advantage of price breaks while still offering a useful service.

A big advantage of the new contract is that it is voluntary, and there is no tracking of participants' recycling habits. People may choose to collect plastic bottles in giant bags and only roll their carts to the curb when they are full. No one will be checking.

Right now there are 82 home addresses signed up to receive the recycling service; however the housing office hopes to exceed its goal of 200 addresses. Recycling is not only easy to do, it is the right thing to do, and is good for the environment.

The recycling contractor will accept aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines/catalogs, and phone books, office paper, tin and steel cans, clear plastic bottles and corrugated cardboard. All that is required is bagging the recyclables separately and taking the container to the curb for Thursday collection.

For more information or to sign up for the housing recycling program, call 759-4445, or e-mail