LRS evolution

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Daniel Moates
  • 22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
By now, you are all familiar with Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century, or "AFSO 21." As the Air Force continues to cut down on manning and costs, the Air Staff is looking for innovative new ways to improve on processes and functions of everyday operations. The 22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron is at the forefront of one of the boldest initiatives in the AFSO 21 campaign.

The "LRS Evolution" is a major reorganization of the entire unit, restructuring from a seven-flight structure to just four flights. This change will be implemented throughout the Air Force next March, but the 22nd LRS was chosen as one of twelve validation units, and began restructuring in January. We have been tasked with turning the theory into an effective reality. While facing the challenges of reorganizing, we must also prove that it will cut costs and improve mission effectiveness.

One of the greatest challenges facing the 22nd LRS has been consolidating diverse functions into cohesive units at the flight level. One example of this is the newly-formed supply chain management flight. With more people than many squadrons, this flight is designed to encompass the cargo and vehicle operations, parts supply and customer service functions of the old LRS structure. By aligning these groups by their processes rather than individual specializations, the unit has been able to streamline processes, reducing redundancies and excess costs.

Several efficiencies have been gained from the evolution, including a delivery staging area. This area is jointly managed by materiel managers and vehicle operators. They ensure supplies are delivered in a timely manner to the Wing customers and the documentation is properly recorded in the standard asset tracking system. Receiving and cargo movement sections have been combined to expedite supplies and equipment through standard base supply system and cargo movement operating system processing.

A benefit of the "LRS Evolution" is the creation of a quality assurance function in the LRS, the Logistics Operation and Compliance Section. This section brings together a small group of personnel from a variety of LRS specialty codes to oversee squadron compliance. The LOC is "the eyes and ears" of the commander, ensuring flights are operating in accordance with Air Force instruction and manuals. They perform analysis and monitor trends and brief the commander at a monthly "how goes it".

Throughout the "LRS Evolution," the 22nd LRS has continued to provide superb support to the 22nd Air Refueling Wing. Metrics are monitored monthly to ensure a high level of support is achieved and are forwarded to Air Mobility Command headquarters and Air Staff. This initiative is focused on improved support to the warfighter. Rest assured, when you need logistics support, you can count on the 22nd LRS - "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere."