America celebrates Independence Day

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jessica Lockoski
  • 22nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
In the past 231 years, since the Declaration of Independence was signed and democracy was born from a mother known as the United States, servicemen and women have fought and continue to fight to establish and maintain personal liberty. Just as important, these patriots continue to bring the comforts and opportunities to citizens many people may take for granted. On this Fourth of July, ask yourself what being independent means to you.

Independence Day signifies to people in the United States that they are able to get an education, choose any church they want to attend, vote, speak freely (or gripe) to whomever they want to and live wherever their means may take them. Lists of the advantages are endless; needless to say, the luxuries have come at high costs such as the lives lost in the name of freedom's defense or the countless hours deployed members are spent away from their families.

As of June 30, there are more than 300 McConnell Airmen fighting for freedom at various deployed locations around the world.

Every Airman, alongside Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen, give people living in the United States a prospect of independence. Not only do they help secure this country's freedom, but the lengths they go to provide a more democratic government enables other counties to reap the same rewards.

If people can ponder what the United States would be like if it were not an independent nation, they may realize their freedom of speech might be demolished, there may still be segregation and self expression could be non-existent, as it is in some other nations. If you had no freedom to do as you please, then what aspirations would you have?

The United States is made up of dynamic people from many diverse cultures from around the world. People leave their homelands and come to the United States, with the hopes of discovering what freedoms the nation has to offer. These offerings make it possible to live the "American dream."

Despite the length of time generations of families have lived in the United States, people should take the time to reflect on Why America celebrates Independence Day. While they pass their potato salads and beans at their patriotic holiday cookouts, they should think of the personal sacrifices the people of the United States surrender for our freedom and why our country is so unique.

The Fourth of July is ours to celebrate proudly, loudly, safely and as freely as being apart of an independent nation will allow us to; make the best of the holiday this year.