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  • Leadership boat driver

    This has been an amazing summer. Although the temperatures are still warm, there is something about the Labor Day weekend, it marks the end of summer. School is starting which often brings different emotions to different people, but for me this long weekend signifies the official close to lake

  • Air Force family

    Lately, there has been lot of focus on social media and water cooler discussions on what the Air Force gets wrong, and how hard the Air Force lifestyle can be.

  • Flexibility

    Most of us have studied the professional development guide, also known as the Air Force Handbook 1, and read about the tenets of airpower, some have even thought, “This doesn’t apply to me.”

  • When exactly did you join the Air Force?

    I joined the Air Force at the end of my second enlistment. At the time, I was a staff sergeant looking back with disappointment on nearly a decade of service. I felt unfulfilled, unappreciated and was struggling to decide my next move toward self-actualization. I did not feel like a “real cop.”

  • Are you blooming where you are planted?

    I love to garden and be outside. This Spring, my husband and I decided it was time to start establishing our property and planted over 60 saplings.

  • Building trust

    We often hear that trust is an essential element of any successful organization, but what does that really mean?

  • The importance of quality feedback

    When was the last time you received feedback? How often do you receive feedback? Was it formal or informal? Was it meaningful?