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  • Total Force aircraft maintainers join forces during Red Flag

    Technical orders guide KC-135 Stratotanker maintainers while repairing aircraft, but those TOs don't tell them how to work with Airmen from other bases while on temporary duty.This tasking of working together was put to the test when active duty, Guard and Reserve crews from Fairchild Air Force

  • McConnell contracting connects women with success worldwide

    When contracting Airmen deploy, one of their responsibilities is to visit the local community, find people on the side of the road and inspire them to sell goods and start a business.Once they've sparked an interest, they provide these individuals with resources and advice to build their business.

  • McConnell Airman loses 100 pounds to join Air Force

    An Airman in the 22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron had to make a major life change before joining the Air Force.Airman 1st Class Dan Chevrette, 22nd LRS heavy equipment mechanic, dropped approximately 100 pounds in order to enlist in the Air Force."Being in the Air Force was something I've always

  • Reservist recalls early days as African-American female Airmen

    She stood sharp at attention in the mirror. With a straight knife hand and upper arm horizontal to the ground, her right hand continually swept through the motions of a proper military salute. She practiced this courtesy for many nights before bed when she first commissioned in 1963. This Airman is

  • Inspired NCO spends career molding Airmen

    Joshua Smith was 17 years old and starting to earn a reputation for skipping his math class every afternoon when he was called into his guidance counselor's office. The most surprising part of the meeting for Smith was seeing his visibly distressed mother in the office."My mom was on the verge of

  • Undefeated 22nd MXO takes home intramural basketball championship

    The 22nd Maintenance Operations team, or "Team Ratchet", finished a perfect season after defeating the 22nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and taking home the 2015-2016 intramural basketball championship.Team Ratchet went undefeated throughout the season despite being put to the test by the 22nd AMXS

  • 60 YEARS IN THE AIR: Becoming a boom

    (Editor's note: This article is part of a series looking back on the history of the KC-135 Stratotanker throughout the decades, leading up to the 60th anniversary of the KC-135's first flight in August 2016.)From an early age, Airman 1st Class Shelby Bowling, 350th Air Refueling Squadron boom

  • Tuskegee Airman reflects on diversity

    It was 1944 and the U.S. was in the midst of two battles--a war on two sides of the world and the onslaught of cultural changes on the home front.Meanwhile, a young African-American soldier picked up trash on the white sandy beaches at Keesler Field, Mississippi. He had been briefed that although he

  • The Airman Ministry Center gets a makeover

    Two Airmen of the 22nd Maintenance Group are making aesthetic improvements to the Airman Ministry Center, or the "Den" at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas.Airman 1st Class Charlotte Bertoch, 22nd Maintenance Squadron iso-crew chief, and Airman Zachary Orten, 22nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew

  • From Australia to American Airman

    As a young Australian boy, Capt. Nathaniel Beer, 384th Air Refueling Squadron pilot, had a passion for flying.Born in Perth, Australia, Beer knew that he wanted to control an aircraft. When he was just six years old, he found his passion as a pilot. On a family visit to Melbourne, the pilots allowed