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  • Reflection

    The end of the year marks a threshold and invites a pause for reflection. It’s a great time to take stock of the year behind and look ahead.

  • Loyalty

    The greatest military in the world requires loyalty throughout the chain of command in order to efficiently achieve desired effects. Healthy organizations are loyal throughout the chain of command.

  • Taking care of your family, today and tomorrow

    In my business as a Casualty and Mortuary officer, I have heard it all. From notification teams knocking on wrong doors because the address on the member’s record of emergency data is incorrect, or while notifying parents we find out the Airman is married or has children, to informing spouses that

  • Complacency: being continuously ready

    “Oh, we'll never do that. There is no way the aircraft will ever be deployed to that location. We'll never need to fight in an environment like that. I don't know why we're doing this training since I'll never need to use it.” Sound familiar?

  • Know your job, do your job

    The old Proverb ‘many hands make light work,’ still holds true here at McConnell. Everyone here is essential to success and mission accomplishment — there is no one that is extra. The best way for us to get after our mission is for everyone to know their job, and then do their job.

  • The tale of two chefs

    Once upon a time, two four-star chefs, working in a five-star restaurant, were charged with creating a specular meal. Each chef began making their most delicious recipe, however, halfway through their preparations, both chefs reached for the one and only orange in the entire kitchen.

  • Relationships in leadership

    Please humor me and think about your favorite assignment or job. What made that assignment or job so special? Did you feel important? Did you feel respected? Did you feel your work mattered?

  • What’s in a buzz word?

    How many times have we heard the words resiliency, innovation, mentorship or diversity?