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  • Protecting yourself from flu

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone age 6 months and older have a flu vaccine each year, unless told otherwise by your doctor. This is the first and most important step in protecting against this serious disease.It is especially important to be vaccinated if you

  • Remembrance, thanks and commitment

    By , To the Airmen of our great global air mobility enterprise: thank you!Today, as every day, I am proud to be an American Airman. I have lived all but 13 years of our Air Force's history and as the son of a Master Sergeant, I developed a love for our Air Force early in my life. It is a love that

  • A Day of Service

    In 2009, Congress designated September 11th as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. On this day, I think it is fitting that we remember and honor the innocent lives taken during that vicious attack by renewing our commitment of service to our Nation. As the son of an Air Force NCO, I grew up

  • 10 Leadership Tips from 'The Bear'

    Since 1971, I've been able to attend nearly one football game a year at the University of Alabama with my father and brother. As an impressionable 4-year-old, I even had the opportunity to meet legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant while signing copies of his autobiography. In his book, he described

  • West Nile Virus and you

    You may have heard about the marked increase of West Nile Virus cases in the United States and in the state of Kansas. There have been more than 30 confirmed cases of the West Nile Virus in Sedgwick County. The virus is spread to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. There are no vaccines or

  • Fluoride - why do I want it?

    If you've ever been to the dentist, seen an advertisement for toothpaste or tuned in lately to the heated discussion about Wichita's water supply, you've heard about fluoride. There's been a lot of talk about the pros and cons of fluoridating the city's water, so let's talk about fluoride: what it

  • Protecting children against pertussis

    Pertussis, or whooping cough, is an illness that most commonly affects infants and small children. This bacterial infection begins as the common cold, displaying symptoms such as runny nose, congestion, and possibly fever.After a couple of weeks though, a serious cough can develop. Whooping cough

  • A letter to 18th Air Force Airmen

    To the Airmen of our great global mobility enterprise: thank you!Last week I had the honor of becoming your 18th Air Force Commander. I can honestly say there are few experiences more rewarding and humbling than command, and even more so when it is command of our Air Force's largest Numbered Air

  • Changing landscape

    Major changes to the landscape of McConnell have occurred over the past couple of weeks. As you travel across the installation, you may notice that both the golf course clubhouse and bank have been demolished. A normal reaction would be, "Why are they doing this?" The simple answer is that the Air

  • Warrior medics

    Warrior medics? I admit that as a medic I've had my share of laughs over this phrase given our status as non-combatants. As a Medical Service Corps officer I've been teased from my line officer friends about my five-week Commissioned Officer Training where I had housekeeping that cleaned my room and