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  • American Red Cross: A friend in need

    "Abby, you're dad went into cardiac arrest this morning..."Like most service members, my experience with the American Red Cross didn't begin as a positive one because it began shortly after I received this message from my step dad. I was standing in line to catch a flight back to my home town from

  • Safety - it's personal

    The Memorial Day holiday weekend holds many different meanings. For some, it is a time to visit cemeteries and national memorials to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. For others, it means huddling around the TV to watch the Indianapolis 500 or Charlotte Motor

  • Taking it to next level

    As we move toward another busy summer season filled with moves, mission changes and family activities, I believe it's important that we prepare ourselves. There are three areas - safety, military traditions and self-care - in which improvements will help us to take our personal performance to the

  • Educators teach 2nd Lt a lesson

    Saturday began as any other work day with a rushed breakfast, slammed coffee and quick office meeting-- but I would soon learn the day was anything but ordinary. This was my first time participating in an orientation flight, so I was still learning what to do. At our meeting we discussed final

  • AMC: Maintaining a Global Lifeline

    More than a decade after the start of American involvement in Afghanistan, pilots and aircraft belonging to a global mobility enterprise headquartered amidst the cornfields of Illinois here continue to provide a lifeline for thousands of Americans overseas.Each day, Air Force C-17 and C-130 aircrews

  • Developing mental toughness

    The Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force has invested millions of dollars and manpower hours into preparing warriors for the stress and mental fatigue of deployment. The Air Force uses a program called Landing Gear to help Airman understand and cope with the mental and physical strains of

  • 'If your hands are in the air!'

    "We put em' there! Hooah!"I don't usually brag, but since this is my last commentary here at McConnell, I figured ... why not? The Defenders of the 22nd Security Forces Squadron have accomplished a lot in a very short period of time, but I will just list a few: executed Air Mobility Command's first

  • Hurts one, affects all ... real wingmen act!

    April is observed as Sexual Assault Awareness Month as a way to raise awareness about and to promote prevention of sexual violence through special events and public education. The 2012 SAAM Department of Defense theme is: "Hurts one, Affects all ... Real Wingmen Act." The campaign will focus on the

  • Patient Care 101: back to basics

    The 22nd Medical Group Family Health Clinic was excited to join with the rest of the Air Force Medical Service this past year in beginning a new way of practicing primary care: the patient centered medical home. This paradigm shifted the practice of medicine back where it belongs, to the patient and

  • McConnell's AbilityOne

    In the 22nd Contracting Squadron's operations and oversight of the government purchase card program, we have a responsibility to balance many interests to prudently spend tax payer's dollars. Our mission is to acquire the right supplies and services that will enable the 22nd Air Refueling Wing to do