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  • McConnell melting pot: 22nd MDG Airmen band together, raise money for Nepal families

    Members from the 22nd Medical Group rallied together to raise money for families in Nepal after the recent earthquakes.The Airman who organized the fundraiser, Capt. Prashant Sharma, former 22nd Medical Group chief of aerospace medicine, was born in Nepal and came to the U.S. when he was nine. He and his wife, who is also from Nepal, both still
  • Intelligence world unclassified

    "When somebody asks what we do, I say 'Have you seen the James Bond movies? Well, it's nothing like that,'" said 1st Lt. Carmella Burruss, 22nd Operations Support Squadron officer in charge of intelligence operations.The intelligence community might spend most of their time gathering information behind closed doors, but they are on the front lines
  • McConnell Melting Pot: 22nd CONS Airman aims to give back

    It can be hard to understand why someone would want to leave their hometown and move to a foreign place for what seems to be no reason.Coming from Tijuana, Mexico at the age of 15, Senior Airman Christian Luevano, 22nd Contracting Squadron contract administrator, is now very grateful for the opportunities he has received."At first I was mad,"
  • Physician assistants round out medical care teams

    Three officers make up part of the team who provide care to more than 11,000 patients unparalleled medical treatment.McConnell Air Force Base Physician Assistants care for patients ranging from infants to geriatrics and these mighty medics have state of the art training and are extremely good at their job."We're trained as generalists," said 1st
  • Elite entry controllers

    Don't let the clean uniform fool you, the 22nd Security Forces Squadron elite gate guards don't mind getting dirty to protect the base and the personnel on it.The elite gate guards' uniform differs from the other entry controllers on base. While most entry controllers wear their ABUs, security forces badge and beret, the elite gate guards wear blue
  • Just what the ‘Tanker Doc’ ordered

    For more than 40 years, KC-135 Stratotankers have been flying over the sunflower state, and just like any other crew member, they need their "check-ups" too.Keeping these 60 year-old planes up-to-date and safe to fly takes more than a simple check-up, it takes a team of tanker "docs" ensuring each aircraft undergoes proper treatment.Every two
  • McConnell Melting Pot: Airman serves to give back

    (Editor's note: This is the first article in a series about the diverse climate at McConnell Air Force Base)McConnell Air Force Base is a melting pot of cultures, languages, races, ethnicities, knowledge and genders.In other words, Team McConnell's population is the epitome of diversity.The Air Force defines diversity as a composite of individual
  • Airfield Operations: putting aircraft in the sky

    To keep air power refueled, one flight has to get the KC-135 Stratotanker from the ground to the sky.Once the aircraft has been prepared and given the 'good to go' to fly, the 22nd Operations Support Squadron Airfield Operations Flight takes over.The flight is divided into three sections, with each one having their own Air Force specialty
  • Spring into motorcycle safety awareness

    As the weather warms up people may be motivated to start riding motorcycles, as the desired climate for outdoor activities has arrived.The minimalism of riding a motorcycle can be a fun, efficient method of transportation, but also makes riders more vulnerable to hazards compared to traveling by car. Safety is absolutely necessary when hitting the
  • Shooting for marksman

    Combat arms training and maintenance is crucial for Airmen. It's required for every Airman in the Air Force before deployment and certain permanent changes of stations."It isn't all about coming and shooting at targets to get a score," said Senior Airman Cory Jackson, 22nd Security Forces Squadron combat arms instructor. "I expect the students to