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  • Airfield Operations: putting aircraft in the sky

    To keep air power refueled, one flight has to get the KC-135 Stratotanker from the ground to the sky.Once the aircraft has been prepared and given the 'good to go' to fly, the 22nd Operations Support Squadron Airfield Operations Flight takes over.The flight is divided into three sections, with each

  • Spring into motorcycle safety awareness

    As the weather warms up people may be motivated to start riding motorcycles, as the desired climate for outdoor activities has arrived.The minimalism of riding a motorcycle can be a fun, efficient method of transportation, but also makes riders more vulnerable to hazards compared to traveling by

  • Shooting for marksman

    Combat arms training and maintenance is crucial for Airmen. It's required for every Airman in the Air Force before deployment and certain permanent changes of stations."It isn't all about coming and shooting at targets to get a score," said Senior Airman Cory Jackson, 22nd Security Forces Squadron

  • McConnell maintainers find value in diversity

    (Editor's note: This is one article in a series about the diverse climate at McConnell Air Force Base)McConnell employs more than 3,000 Airmen from various ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds and the 22nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron uses more than 700 Airmen who exemplify that diversity to

  • McConnell Couples: Togetherness through strength

    Then-Senior Airman Nichol Graham was working her night shift at the Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, billeting when a rather young looking Airman walked into the lobby.There were no stripes on the man's sleeves, so Nichol quickly stood up and popped to attention before she noticed that there was

  • A Rosie by another name would still rivet just as sweet

    Connie Palacioz heard a radio announcement a week before graduating high school in 1943 that changed her fate forever."I heard they needed women workers for the war effort. I went and applied at the job opportunity office," she said. "They said we could go work for Boeing, but we had to go to a

  • Women’s History Month: ‘You can do anything you want’

    Keena Bassi wanted to be a mechanic in the Air Force. She was given an open mechanical billet when she left for Basic Military Training, and put several different mechanical jobs on her "dream" sheet.Much to her surprise, the job that Bassi received was for vehicle dispatch; a far cry from the trade

  • Out with the old

    How many people have wanted to take a sledgehammer to the walls of the building they work in?Jerry Lucas had the chance to see the building he worked at for many years start to come down to make room for a new development.Lucas is a 22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron individual protective equipment

  • Fire chief celebrates 50 years of service

    In the midst of an increasing American presence in the Vietnam War, he was attending community college while playing football and baseball on a scholarship. Before he finished his degree, he dropped everything and joined the U.S. Air Force."I knew the draft notice was coming," said retired Master

  • Mother's career inspires Airman

    Many Airmen count their family members among the most influential people in their lives.For Senior Airman David Clauson, this is especially true: the 22nd Aerospace Medical Squadron medical technician's father is an Air Force veteran, three of his five brothers are serving or have served as Airmen,