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  • Air Force Chief of Staff defines standard of excellence

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz came to Air Force Space Command for a series of briefings and then visited with Peterson personnel at an open forum at the base theater. His comments included what he called "vital things," the foremost of which was the need for the Air Force to go "back to basics." "It is being loyal to those things
  • McConnell provides demonstrations for Wichita Flight Festival

    Team McConnell members participated in the Wichita Flight Festival at Colonel James Jabara Airport, Aug. 22 through 24. McConnell, other Air Force bases and local recruiters provided a multitude of demonstrations, exhibits, booths and information venues to the local public about the Air Force and its missions. "A big 'Thank You' to those members of
  • Seasoning program getting 931st Airmen trained faster

    A year ago, Brad Vanzandt was a tractor salesman wondering what direction he wanted his life to take. He decided to make a change, a big change-"220,000 volts" of change. "I want to do what you do," he told his father, a retired Airman and electrical engineer. The contract jobs his father worked on in Topeka, Kan., were big jobs-220,000 volt-type
  • Team McConnell helps educate against crime

    Members of the 22nd Security Forces Squadron teamed up with the Derby Police Department during the National Night Out event at Rock City Rapids, Derby, Aug. 5 National Night Out is a crime- and drug- prevention event begun in 1983, which involves local citizens, law enforcement agencies, civic groups, businesses, neighborhood organizations and
  • Improved processes increase 379th AEW efficiency

    After more than six years of operations, the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing remains one of the largest wings in the Air Force's central area of responsibility, supporting an average of 70 missions per day during the last year. While carrying out the daily missions is a top priority for commanders, these missions couldn't be accomplished without the
  • MXS fabrication flight keeps tankers flying

    When people put together a jigsaw puzzle; if one piece is missing, the picture isn't complete. The same theory can be said about a KC-135 Stratotanker; if one piece is missing, the jet may not lift off the runway. Lucky for the almost 60-year-old aircraft fleet, the 22nd Maintenance Squadron's fabrication flight uses their skills to design, mold,
  • McConnell fighter takes bronze, despite injury

    Usually people tend to stay away from the things that cause them pain. However, one Airman doesn't mind a little pain if it mean he gets to pursue his favorite past time. "Call me passionate, but if you love something so much, and you're striving to be the best you can be, it takes sacrifices and sometimes pain," said Airman 1st Class Jonathan
  • Cold War icon comes to McConnell

    Team McConnell has a very historic jet on display at the East Gate. The jet we call "The Keeper of the Plains" was the first KC-135 to come off the Boeing production line in 1956. Another historic plane has joined to join us but with one major difference; this plane still flies. The "Cherokee Rose" is about as historical an aircraft as one might
  • Plans and Programs preps Team McConnell

    With the Operation Readiness Inspection over, the Plans and Programs team can start preparing Team McConnell for its next inspection. The Plans and Programs office prepares Team McConnell for upcoming inspections by having base exercises. The Plans and programs office tests the wing's ability to survive and operate in hostile situations and
  • McConnell proves ready for war

    June 22 through 29, Team McConnell participated in a Operational Readiness Inspection, which tests a unit's readiness capabilities and it's ability to survive and operate during contingency operations around the world. Members from the 22nd Air Refueling Wing, 931st Air Refueling Wing, 156th Airlift Wing Puerto Rico Air National Guard and the 134th