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  • Motorcycle Safety

    The 101 critical days of summer is a prime time to consider safety in regular everyday activities, particularly that of motorcycle safety. Each year, Air Force loses Airmen to vehicular accidents. Statistics from 2007 show the number of vehicle mishap fatalities was approximately 3.5 times higher than the fatalities in both Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • A day to remember

    On June 6, 1944, a date forever known as D-Day, a armada crossed a narrow strip of sea from England to Normandy, France and cracked the Nazi grip on Western Europe. In preparation for D-Day or "Operation Overlord," the United States and Great Britain concentrated on training with land, naval and air forces for six months prior to the attack. More
  • Team McConnell prepares for combat

    Infiltrating hostile villages, low crawling, high crawling, and providing suppressive cover fire, are some of the skills multiple Team McConnell members relearned during the past combat skills training course here May 22. All Airmen who deploy are required to accomplish CST prior to their departure. However, CST contains more than just field
  • Transshipment Center: 'blood line' of AOR

    Shipping blood to the far reaches of the earth including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and the Horn of Africa, a five member Blood Transshipment Center team in Southwest Asia does its part to process and deliver quality, life-saving blood to war fighters and civilian casualties. Servicemembers donate thousands of units all over the world. Packed in ice
  • CE Readiness Flight Prepares Wing to "Survive and Operate"

    The 22nd Civil Engineer Squadron, Readiness and Emergency Management Flight perform two distinct missions based on their operating location. They are in charge of a peacetime, home station support mission as well as wartime, high threat area support mission. "While they are distinctly different in many ways, both missions share the same goal and
  • Air Force pilot breaks own world aviation record

    An Air Force Reserve pilot deployed here broke his own world record for hours spent flying the F-16 Fighting Falcon when he surpassed the 6,000-hour milestone May 2. Lt. Col. Michael Brill, a pilot assigned to the 421st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, has been breaking world aviation records since 1993 after he surpassed the world's first pilot to
  • Family connected through communication

    Not many spouses can say they have never seen a promotion ceremony in nearly 20 years. Angela Valentine, wife of Master Sgt. Joe Valentine, 22nd Operations Support Squadron air traffic controller, and family was able to witness her husband's promotion ceremony via a video teleconference call. Sergeant Valentine and his wife have been married for
  • Bioenvironmental Engineering saving lives

    Bioenvironmental Engineering is a lot more then testing water. Bioenvironmental Engineering provides operational health risk assessment expertise to enhance commander decision making and health service support capabilities. Bioenvironmental Engineering optimizes combat and operational capabilities by preventing casualties and enhancing performance
  • Not so silent: McConnell exhibits speak of child abuse prevention

    People may notice crowds of "abuse victims" stand quiet and motionless at various locations though the base in April in honor of Child Abuse prevention month. While these victims may not talk, they will share personal stories of abuse with McConnell members in hopes of preventing others from suffering their fate. Several McConnell volunteers
  • Like father; like daughter: McConnell youth awarded for outstanding leadership

    Michelle Dillard follows in her father's footsteps when it comes to leading the way. Michelle's dad, Colonel Michael Dillard commands the 22nd Maintenance Group and has won numerous awards for his ability to be a leader including the Legion of Merit and a Bronze Star. Michelle might not be a group commander, but she is definitely a community role