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  • Prevent Sexual Assault: Ask, Act, Intervene

    Nationally, April is observed as Sexual Assault Awareness Month as a way to raise awareness about and to promote prevention of sexual violence through special events and public education. The Department of Defense theme for 2008 SAAM is, "Prevent Sexual Assault: Ask. Act. Intervene." It focuses on the ability of every service member, family member,
  • Airmen support child literacy with “Books for Life”

    Some people may say books can open thousands of doors to new worlds of endless imagination and experiences. Airmen from the 22nd Contracting Squadron are helping hold these doors ajar by volunteering with the Books for Life program, assisting local communities and children in less fortunate countries to enhance their learning centers. "This project
  • Signs of a possible tornado

    McConnell's Weather Flight urges people to seek safe shelter immediately after any visible signs of a tornado.Signs of a possible tornado include:-A sickly greenish or greenish black color to the sky. -If there is a tornado watch or warning posted, people should considered hail as a real danger sign. -A strange quiet that occurs within or shortly
  • McConnell prepares for tornado season

    The misfortunate aftermath of a tornado can leave an unforgettable mark in the path it destroys. Such a case was the Fujita-5 scale tornado that ripped through Greensburg, Kan. May 4, 2007, which destroyed 95 percent of the town and took 11 lives. McConnell's tornado procedures are designed to help people recognize the proper warning signs in brief
  • OSI: Do you have what it takes?

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent? Currently, OSI is seeking enlisted Air Force members to join the "Eyes of the Eagle." To help give people a glimpse into the career of an OSI agent, Detachment 321 is scheduled to hold a recruitment fair March 25, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. at the Robert J. Dole
  • Travel Through Six Decades In 90 Minutes

    One hour before show time, more than 210 people gathered outside the Century II Convention Center in Wichita to ensure they would have good seat for an Air Force Tops In Blue performance, Feb. 13. The entertainment group has performed annually in Wichita for the past several years. This year's Tops In Blue show entitled "Fly-By," honored 60 years
  • Suicide: a full circle concern

    Already this year, the Air Force and Air Mobility Command has suffered losses of its most valuable assets; it's Airmen, to suicide. However, being aware of the actions and needs of fellow wingmen, family and co-workers can provide outlets for those in need of help. "A marked change of behavior is one of the most notable signs of potential suicide,"
  • How to make winners from losers

    As the popular trend of reality television catches the eyes of its viewer, one particular show has inspired the McConnell Health and Wellness Center to share the excitement. With the HAWC's efforts to promote McConnell members to lead a healthier lifestyle, squadron agencies and units are competitively teaming up to see who can make the most
  • Legal provides for you

    The Legal office has many responsibilities concerning all Airmen on base. The number one job is making sure that everyone is treated fairly. "Justice is the main focus," said Capt. Kellyann Boehm, 22nd Air Refueling Wing Judge Advocate. The Legal office is divided into two sections, military justice and civil law. Civil law handles many
  • Son continues Air Force family legacy

    It can be one of the proudest moments in parents' lives when they realize they have raised a child to be self sufficient having abilities to make responsible choices for their future. Elliott Snow, 17, son of Maj. Mark Snow, 22nd Comptroller Squadron commander, made a life altering choice that many military members undergo of enlisting for six